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Queensland, Australia: New Practice Site Welcomed in Gold Coast

Visitors to Harley Park were inspired to learn Falun Dafa after seeing the exercises at a new practice site at this popular park in Gold Coast, Queensland on September 10, 2016. Harley Park is one of northern Gold Coast’s busiest recreation areas and attracts walkers, cyclists, and other active people.     One woman said that she…

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Australia: Falun Dafa Experiencing Sharing Conference Held in Melbourne

Nearly 1,000 practitioners attended the 2016 Australia Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference at Melbourne Town Hall on September 4. Twenty-three practitioners, both Chinese and Western, spoke onstage about how they have benefited from Falun Dafa, looked within to improve, and worked to fulfill their historic vows.     Cultivating Ourselves Ms. Zhao, a coordinator of…

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Melbourne, Australia: Grand March Demonstrates Beauty of Falun Dafa and Calls for an End to the Persecution in China

Falun Dafa practitioners across Australia held a series of activities in Melbourne prior to their annual cultivation experience sharing conference. A grand march through downtown Melbourne brought color, music and increased awareness of the persecution to many on September 2.     Locals and tourists alike signed a petition calling for an end to state-sanctioned…

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