(Minghui.org) The Minghui School in Sydney, held an experience-sharing conference on September 17, 2023. Fourteen students shared their interesting and moving cultivation stories and talked about what they enlightened to in the past year.

Before their meeting began, the teachers played a short film, The Eternal Story. Some preschoolers saw Master on the screen and shouted “Master, Master!” and pressed their palms together to show their respect.

The hosts read the opening speech that expressed the young practitioners’ gratitude to Master and their determination to progress diligently in their cultivation to thank Master for his compassion.

Young Falun Dafa practitioners watched the short film The Eternal Story.

Students talk about their cultivation experiences.

Becoming a Qualified Practitioner

Chenliang, 10, talked about how he had a hard time staying focused when he did the Falun Dafa exercises. “I just did not have the patience to stand still in the same place and often thought about what I planned to do after I finished the exercises,” he said. After he realized that his thoughts were wrong and that he was not focused when he did the exercises, he said, “Now I concentrate on the music when I do the exercises and think about nothing. Now, my hands feel warm, like they are on fire. I can’t describe the feeling, but I know that Master is strengthening my energy.”

Shangen shared how she removed an attachment. She fell when she rushed to catch the ball her classmate threw to her. “I hurt my hands and knees, and they bled,” she said. She did not cry or complain and told her teacher not to call her parents as she did not want to cause trouble for the other student. When she got home, her mother helped her find her attachment of being impatient and figure out how to eliminate it.

Zhenyu went to an activity to clarify the truth and tell people about the ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa in China. She described how she overcame her problems and then faced challenges again. She doubted herself at one point but realized that she did the right thing. She said, “I realized that age was not an issue. The key is whether we can have righteous thoughts and actions.”


Eliminating Attachments

Aide began playing video games. “I became addicted to them, and I could not stop playing,” he said. One morning he woke up with swollen itchy eyes. They hurt and teared a lot. At first he thought something had gotten in his eyes and he rubbed them. With his mother’s guidance, he realised: “Master was helping me purify my eyes and wanted me to look within as to why it happened. I must have seen something bad. My mother’s words touched me, and I realised that I had a strong attachment to video games and watched too much of them. I decided to eliminate the attachment and deleted the webpage from my computer.”

Tianhao, who is in kindergarten, said that he recently became hot-tempered. He did not take it seriously at first, but, “I began to talk back to my father and resented him. Then I remembered one of Master’s poems, ‘Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong’ from Hong Yin III. I knew that I must have done something wrong when my father scolded me. I started to look within when I felt anxious and I found that I did do something wrong. I no longer get upset when my father points out what I do wrong.”

Yueyao in the kindergarten class talked about how memorising the Fa teachings helped her improve. A while ago she refused to practice violin and dozed off when studying the Fa. She only wanted to read novels. Her mother suggested that she memorise the Fa to improve herself. At first she had a hard time memorising anything. After she persisted for a few weeks, she could memorise parts of the Fa, and she also found she could concentrate better. She practices the violin every day now and finished the scheduled rehearsals at school.

Yuejun is Yueyao’s older sister. She shared a story about her jealousy. One of her classmates did better than her in math. She felt uncomfortable when her classmate got more answers right on their homework assignment. Inside she knew that she had the attachments of jealousy and being competitive. Her mother told her that she should feel happy for her friends’ performance instead of wanting to compete and win. “The next day when we helped grade each other’s homework, I truly hoped that she would do well. After we were done grading, she told me that I got all the answers right. I felt so happy knowing that Master encouraged me because I wanted to get rid of my attachment,” she said.


Learning to Look Within

Chenxi plays soccer and was excited about an upcoming formal competition. However, the game ended, and he did not get a chance to play. He felt sad and thought, “I sat there for an hour and watched the others play. The coach did not call me, so I was upset with him. I wondered why I was there. The coach yelled at me and said I shouldn’t complain. I thought that he was being unfair.” That night Chenxi remembered what Master said about looking within. He realised his coach was right, and that his skills were not good enough.

Zhenhong, 11, wrote a long sharing article about two things that bothered him but at the same time helped him improve. When he shut the door at home, his grandmother said that he’d slammed it so hard, the door would break. He did not think so because everyone slammed it, so he argued with his grandmother. After reading the Fa and talking to other practitioners, he remembered what Master said, that everything is a being, including the door. He said, “Grandma wants me to cherish the things around me. From then on, whenever I open or shut the door, I do it quietly.” He also realised: “I have to eliminate the attachment of not wanting people to point out what I did wrong.”

Xinyu said that one time she quarreled with her younger sisters. They were angry and shouted at each other. “When I thought about the fight, I realised that perhaps I really did something that I shouldn’t have. I made a mistake, not them. I should have backed down,” she said. “If I didn’t set a good example, my younger sisters would be as stubborn as me and keep fighting. I should have given in first and tried to reason with them.”


Young Practitioners Witness Miracles

Qingyuan, 9, tried to cut a pear when she was home alone. She cut her finger and it would not stop bleeding. She called her father as she recited in her mind, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” When her father got home, the wound had already closed.

Hanxuan had an asthma attack when he was sitting in his aunt’s car. He could not breathe, and this time his inhaler did not help. His aunt told him to ask Master for help, and he did. Within five minutes he was able to breathe normally. He told his aunt, “It worked! Master helped me!” He wept in gratitude to Master.