(Minghui.org) With Chinese New Year just around the corner, Falun Dafa practitioners from Australia and New Zealand sincerely send their respect to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, and wish him a Happy Chinese New Year.

Practitioners in New Zealand respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.
Practitioners in Queensland, Australia respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.
Practitioners in Perth, Australia respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.
Practitioners in Adelaide, Australia respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.
Practitioners in Melbourne, Australia respectfully wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.


“Thank you Master for bringing me home”

Mary said a friend introduced her to Falun Dafa. She did not know why the words “Falun Dafa” seemed deeply embedded in her mind.

While sitting in front of the computer one day, Mary suddenly had a thought to “learn more about Falun Dafa.” She said, “I was drawn to the Falun Dafa informational website. I decided to practice and called the local Falun Dafa coordinator Amanda.”

Mary said she wept the first time she read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa. She felt as if she had returned home when she read the book. She abides by Master’s teachings and has learned to consider others first and to treat them with kindness and compassion.

She changed a lot after she began practicing, “I am fortunate to encounter Falun Dafa. I benefited a lot from abiding by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in my daily life. I have more tolerance, compassion and sympathy towards my family members. Everyone around me knows that I practice Falun Dafa. They know that I am a kind person and that Falun Dafa is a practice that teaches people to cultivate their compassion.”

She said, “Master, thank you very much. I am blessed to have the honor to practice Falun Dafa in this lifetime. I firmly believe in Dafa and under your guidance I will cultivate diligently. Master, Happy Chinese New Year!”

Mary Hayes said, “Master, thank you very much.”


Deepest Respect and Gratitude for Master

Irma is from Southeastern Europe, but she now lives in Sydney, where she works as a teacher. She began practicing Falun Dafa in 2007. Although she experienced ups and downs on her path of cultivation, Irma always believed that Falun Dafa is profound and an irreplaceable part of her life.

She said, “My interests leaned towards Eastern spiritual practices since I was a teenager and I began researching them when I was very young. I discovered Falun Dafa in my twenties. Before I began practicing, I had a rather simple understanding of spirituality and meditation. However, it was not until I read Zhuan Falun and Master’s lectures that I realised true spiritual practice is very profound and it involves a lot of hard work!

“Initially, the idea of such ‘hard work’ seemed daunting because it was different from my expectations of spiritual practice, which mainly revolved around relaxation and breathing. At the same time, I realised because true spiritual practice required ‘hard work’, it made me develop a deep respect for this practice and Master’s great efforts in spreading Dafa.”

Practicing Falun Dafa for 17 years motivated Irma to learn more about Chinese traditional culture and language. “The layers of meaning in Chinese characters are so profound and I can only imagine what an amazing effect they have in one’s cognitive development from an early age. There is so much depth behind each Chinese traditional character and the richness of Chinese language is not only a treasure for China, but for the whole world! As a Westerner practicing Falun Dafa, it inspired me to learn about and respect Chinese culture more. Actually, this is a common occurrence among many Western practitioners! I wish for my son to study Chinese as an extracurricular activity and that we are able visit China one day as a family!

“Falun Dafa has certainly helped me to develop a growth mindset and be more positive, even when I do not do so well.

“Whenever I practice the exercises, the mental clarity and the overall sense of peace and balance are very noticeable. That, in turn, makes me more focused and productive both at work and at home. I will do my best to improve in this regard!”

Irma said, “Master, you have presented this profound and wonderful practice not only to China, but to the whole world! Who would not wish to experience more Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance? Thank you, Master! Happy Chinese New Year!”


“No words can express my gratitude to Master”

Ms. Wang Bochun started to practice Falun Dafa in 1997. She had low self-esteem and was very sensitive. She also easily lost her temper and was impatient with her children. She felt lost and complained that her husband did not care about her.

All her ailments disappeared after she began practicing and she felt spiritually purified. She knew the goal of life was to return back to the true origin. She also learned to be considerate of others and her husband. She began to abide by traditional Chinese culture and correct her modern, fragmented mentality. She also looked inward when conflicts arose. Her family became harmonious and her family and friends have a positive opinion of Dafa.

In order to spread the truth and raise awareness of Falun Dafa, Ms. Wang joined the Tian Guo Marching Band in 2015. She attended multiple parades in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United States. During the process, she found her attachments such as showing off and ego. She learned to abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

She said, “No words in this world can describe my gratitude for Master! I am grateful to Master for teaching me to be a better person. Now I know how to be a better person! Master, Happy Chinese New Year!”

Ms. Wang Bochun is grateful for Master’s compassionate salvation.

Craig English is 38 years old and works for the West Australian Country Health Service (WACHS), coordinating staff who help patients travel to access specialist treatment in hospitals and clinics.

Craig said, “I practiced various forms of Tai Chi and qigong for many years but always hoped to practice a true spiritual cultivation way. At the suggestion of my former Tai Chi teacher, I began reading Zhuan Falun and practiced the exercises. I soon found a local group to practice the exercises with, and I also read the Fa with other practitioners during the week.

“I genuinely feel that practicing Falun Dafa changed my entire life. Zhuan Falun answered every single question I ever had related to spirituality and truly gave my life meaning. I used to be very lonely but now I no longer am. I was dangerously underweight, but within six months of practicing I gained almost 20 kilograms (~44 pounds). I was a very promiscuous person with no regard for personal health and safety. I was also very combative with others and had a high degree of intellectual vanity, not to mention having been deceived by modern ways of thinking. All of these deviant mindsets and behaviors culminated in a deep hatred of self and I was truly lost.”

Craig continued, “I was saved by Master’s boundless mercy and compassion and I began to notice the changes almost immediately. I ceased behaving promiscuously. My eyes brightened for the first time since I was a child, and they were no longer sunken and withdrawn. I learned to be much calmer and also less critical of others and myself; my deeply rooted notions of self-judgement began to dissolve.

“I noticed significant changes within my own family. Many who were resentful toward each other no longer were, and there was a noticeable air of calmness when everyone gathered together. I learned from this that others change when we first change ourselves. My relationships at work also improved and I was less reactive and considered my words carefully.

“I feel that I can improve on all of these things and many more. I will continue to strive forward and raise the bar ever higher for myself. My life has been saved and words cannot describe how fortunate I feel to have been able to obtain the Fa. Master has shown me the virtuous way to live and has been gradually revealing all my attachments to me. I know I can always do better, though, and I am eternally grateful for Master being so exceedingly patient with me.”

Lastly he said, “Thank you Master for saving humankind and the world. You have bestowed us the greatest treasure in this world. Although I only recently obtained the Fa, I feel as though Master has been watching over me my entire life. I cannot put into words what this means to me. I can only say ‘thank you,’ fulfill my historic mission and do my utmost as your cultivating disciple. Happy Year of the Dragon, Master! I am sincerely grateful!”

Craig English wishes Master a Happy Chinese New Year.


Brothers Thank Master

Minh and Nam from Vietnam are brothers. They started practicing with their mother since a young age. They said, “Master, thank you for teaching us how to do better. Happy Chinese New Year! We will do better next year!”

They feel it is important to adhere to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The brothers set a time to study the Fa every day and make use of time and put studying the Fa as their priority. They learned the true meaning of life through studying the Fa.

The brothers excel in school and received many awards. Minh was accepted into the college of his choice and Nam has his own channel on Gan Jing World, where he reads books and choreographs music.

Nam said, “Sometimes I got angry when my older brother Minh or others did something I didn’t like. However, I forgave them whenever I remember the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I also feel happy after I forgive them.”

Minh said, “The exceptional grades I earned at school are because I study the Fa and Dafa helped me alleviate a lot of stress. Having a good mindset for learning and doing what students are supposed to do naturally helped me to achieve the results I deserved.”

Minh and Nam wish Master a Happy Chinese New Year.