Asia Times: Deception, by the numbers

China has been slowly winning its battle against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Or has it? A doctor from the interior of China who asked his name to be withheld recently told Asia Times Online, “Starting at the middle of May, the SARS statistics issued by China should not be believed.”

Straits Times: Did China learn the right lesson?

The stark fact is that the blackout was carried out on orders from the very
top for a clearly political purpose. In such a system, the one at the very top could pursue his personal interests at the expense of people’s lives and health.

CNN: China censors CNN SARS report

Increased communication among the 27 countries dealing with SARS has been a
key factor in controlling the disease’s spread, David Heymann, director for
communicable diseases at WHO, “China, so far,” he said, “has not been very helpful.”


The value of deals at China’s top trade fair slumped to a quarter of previous levels — the worst showing in 15 years — state media said on Wednesday, in the latest sign that SARS is hitting Asia’s fastest growing economy.

Time Magazine: Hiding The Patients (Photo)

Sources tell TIME that before the WHO team arrived at the hospital, 31 coughing, shivering staff members who had caught SARS from patients were hastily loaded into ambulances and driven around until the investigators left.