CIPFG: Boycotting the Olympic Games 2008 for Human Rights Is Not Politics (Photos)

At a press conference held at the Canadian Parliament on May 30, 2007, acclaimed Jewish scholar and chairman of the Organ Donation Committee of the Kidney Foundation for Eastern Ontario, and the chair of the “Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China” (CIPFG), Rabbi Reuven Bulka, declared that boycotting the Olympic Games 2008 is not politics, but a human rights issue.

Wife of Chinese Embassy Diplomat Defects; Exposes CCP Plots

The wife of a diplomat stationed in the Chinese Embassy in Canada has defected,
bringing with her documents and testimony said to expose illicit activities organized
by the Chinese Embassy against Falun Gong practitioners, democracy activists and
other critics of the Chinese regime.

Western Standard (Alberta): No More Mr. Nice Guy

In the larger picture, China has the highest number of executions in the world–not surprising in a country where 68 separate offences warrant the death penalty. The population is constantly monitored on the Internet, aided by western high-tech giants like Google, and the crackdowns on popular protests, whether for the return of seized land or simply religious freedom, can be brutal.

The Australian: Canada pushes Beijing on rights

The Prime Minister said he would not downplay Canadian values for the sake of the “almighty dollar”. And “neglecting human rights hasn’t opened a lot of doors”, considering the size of Canada’s trade deficit with China. Canada has become a leading venue for Falun Gong activity.