Odense, Denmark: Learning the Falun Dafa Exercises at the Odense Health Expo

Falun Dafa practitioners introduced this ancient self-cultivation practice at a health expo in Odense, Denmark on September 14-15, 2019.

Many people showed great interest in learning Falun Dafa after watching the exercise demonstration, and hearing about the health benefits.

Some were taught the exercises at the Expo venue. Falun Dafa practitioners have participated in this annual expo since 2001.

Many people were attracted by the Falun Dafa exercise demonstration along with the calming music. Birgit and Emilie talked to a practitioner, asking for details about the practice.

Birgit said she could feel the energy emanated, and said it made her feel comfortable. The practitioner invited them to try the exercises, which they did. After learning three exercises, they both felt relaxed even though they were sweating.

Birgit and Emilie learn Falun Dafa.

Local residents Jesper and Birgit said they had been looking for ways to improve their health, because Jesper had pain in his waist, and Birgit had back pain. After listening to a practitioner introduce Falun Dafa, they wanted to try the exercises.

The very first exercise made them feel hot and comfortable in their injured areas. While doing the second exercise, they could feel the energy flow between their arms. They said in amazement, “We will definitely learn these exercises!”

Jesper (right) and Birgit experienced the beneficial energy emanated by practitioners.

A woman named Bettina said she had a great interest in qigong and Yoga. She was surprised to learn that all Dafa teachings were free. She learned all five exercises and was thankful for the opportunity.

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