Sydney: Rally Recognises Those Who Quit the Chinese Communist Party Organisations

( Falun Gong practitioners and guests held a rally next to the Sydney Town Hall on June 29, 2024, to celebrate the 430 million Chinese who have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organisations. The rally was held to mark “Global Quitting the CCP Day” on July 1. They also exposed the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa).

Practitioners and guests rally next to Sydney Town Hall to mark Global Quitting the CCP Day, July 1.


Human Beings Must Protect Humanity and Human Rights

John Deller, spokesperson for the Australian Falun Dafa Association, said, “We are speaking about humanity, about human rights. The principles of Falun Gong are Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. It’s a traditional Chinese spiritual practice that incorporates meditation and the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. That’s the foundation of the teaching; meditation and living one’s daily life with the awareness of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.

“Let’s appreciate Falun Gong practitioners who make great efforts to help raise awareness of the persecution of Falun Gong and the evil influence of the Communist Party. Please take a flyer. Please listen to what is said today. Because it’s all founded on protecting our humanity. You may remember Pope John Paul II from Poland in 1989. He was instrumental in helping the Polish people free themselves of communism. Was he involved in politics? No, he was involved in humanity. He said that communism is an anti-humanity force. And we’re here today to help people understand that as well. We help people be truly free to free to practice their faith, their religion, to be free to express themselves like we’re doing today, to be free to stand here and raise awareness about an evil force, the Communist Party of China.

“I think this is very important for Chinese people today to really reflect on this. Communism came from Europe, it has nothing to do with traditional Chinese culture or the Chinese people. It is foreign interference in China. It began in the 1920s with the creation of the Communist Party and the Communist Party takeover of China in 1949. Please bear in mind, that’s the history of communism. It has killed tens of millions of Chinese people in its efforts to control the people of China.”

Mr. Deller said that, in November 2004, The Epoch Times published the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party, which exposed the CCP’s background and true nature. It was widely distributed. He said, “Chinese people had the chance to read the true history of communism in their own country. People realized they had been deceived and tricked by the Party for decades. And people started to awaken and realize that this communism is not part of Chinese culture. It’s not part of our tradition, and we don’t need to follow it. That it is an evil system. So Chinese people began to quit the CCP. As of today, over 430 million Chinese people have quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations.

“We’ve seen that very clearly with the visit of the Chinese premier, Li Qiang, just a few weeks ago. And that’s something that is starting to open the eyes of the media in Australia and politicians, that Australia is also a victim of the Chinese Communist Party. We need to stand up, to be very clear about what we stand for, what values we hold, and maintain those values.”

John Deller, spokesperson for the Australian Falun Dafa Association


Admiration for Falun Dafa Practitioners’ Courage, Tenacity, and Wisdom

Dr. Feng Chongyi, a China scholar and professor at the University of Technology Sydney, said, “First, I would like to take this opportunity to express my support and respect for Falun Dafa. I particularly admire the courage, tenacity, and wisdom that Falun Dafa practitioners have shown in resisting the CCP’s persecution for 25 years. I admire them with all my heart. So I am very grateful to you and I admire you very much. In fact, you deserve the support of all righteous people with a conscience the world over.

“Second, all Falun Dafa practitioners and all dissidents fighting for human rights and justice in China have the mission of ending the CCP’s tyranny. The CCP regime is so evil that it has relied on repeatedly sucking the blood of all Chinese people to maintain its rule for more than 70 years.

“Third, I hope the Australian government, the Australian public, and the entire international community will support Falun Dafa. The US government is leading other governments in combating the CCP’s tyranny. On June 25, the US House of Representatives unanimously passed the Falun Gong Protection Act. From a human perspective, the CCP’s persecution of its own people should also be subject to international sanctions and punishment. When all victims of communist tyranny unite to fight against evil together and gain more international support, we will surely achieve ultimate victory!”

Dr. Feng Chongyi


Stand with People Doing Good

Former Mayor Andrew Wilson of Parramatta said, “When you find inspiration in front of you and a chance to do good in the world, you should always take it. Repression cannot last forever. If you are standing with people urging to do good in the world, you will eventually win.

“We know that the communist agents take aim at you guys at every opportunity. I even had a phone call telling me what a terrible group of people the Falun Dafa were. I advised them that they should build themselves a proper life in Australia rather than bother me. And that seemed to stop them at that point. But we should all of us have a little bit of respect in this world for those who are trying to do good.”

Former Mayor Andrew Wilson


The CCP’s Persecution of Falun Gong Is the Biggest Human Rights Disaster

Mr. Li, Representative of the Sydney Branch of the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, said, “The CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong is the greatest human rights disaster in China today. It has sparked widespread outrage. The regime is now in crisis and on the verge of collapse, reacting to the slightest disturbance like a frightened bird—its own persecution has set the stage for its downfall.

“The CCP fabricates lies to deceive its people. The CCP invested heavily in building a great internet firewall to prevent people from learning the truth, aiming to deceive you into equating the Party with the land of China, kidnapping you to serve as a scapegoat. Those who fall into this trap are in great danger. That is why countless Falun Gong practitioners risk their lives to tell people the truth and encourage them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations.”

Mr. Li Yuanhua speaks in the rally.

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin said, “People now understand that the CCP is a murderer, the enemy of humanity, the enemy of all religions, and the enemy of freedom. And for us mainland Chinese, we understand how evil the CCP is.”

Former Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin

Dr. Zhang said, “The Chinese Communist Party rules by lies, by violence, by promoting hatred … Today I again stand here to support Falun Gong and call for an end of the CCP regime, because it is our common goal.”

Dr. Zhang gave examples of how the CCP incites hatred to rule China and extends its tactics overseas. He said that ending the CCP’s tyranny will benefit people all over the world: “Ending the CCP’s tyranny will not only allow the Chinese people to gain freedom, but also prevent its interference in Australians and people all over the world.”

Veteran democracy advocate Dr. Zhang Xiaogang

Former CCP agent Eric said, “I see a lot of Falun Gong practitioners here. I believe that a lot of people recently heard that the US Congress passed the Falun Gong Protection Act … Falun Gong practitioners were able to accomplish that in Western society. No one else is able to do that. That is a remarkable thing to consider. Falun Gong practitioners have an irreplaceable role in this aspect.”

In an interview, he said that the quitting the CCP movement, “plays a positive role in helping the Chinese people recognize the nature of the CCP and cut ties with it,” and that the movement also “weakens and strikes at the CCP.”

Former CCP agent Eric

Chinese human rights activist Bob Vinnicombe said, “The Sydney City Government should cancel its sister city relationship with Guangzhou, China, because establishing friendly relations with any city in CCP-controlled China is to tacitly approve of all the atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party since 1949. The Chinese Communist regime is an evil, criminal regime.”

Human rights activist Bob Vinnicombe


People Support the Australian Government Opposing the Persecution

Ben Steryker called on the CCP to end its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China after the US House of Representatives unanimously passed the Falun Gong Protection Act. He said that, in Australia, we should also have the same protection bill. Every country in the world should have it, including China.

He told Falun Gong practitioners who are still being persecuted in China to stick to their beliefs in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance: “We support each of you, and I believe that from the participation in today’s rally, everyone is very interested, so I think Australians also support you. There should be no persecution in the world, and everyone should live in peace.”

Ben Steryker supports Falun Gong.

After learning about the CCP’s persecution, Ligaya said, “This is barbaric, it is bestial, and it should be stopped. We need to stop it because it affects the entire international community.

“So, all good things … should be promoted, not evil deeds. The universe, nature, and the earth will always find a way to teach each of us a lesson. I think if anyone can follow Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, it will be very beneficial to our society.”

When she learned that the US House of Representatives had passed the Falun Gong Protection Act, she said, “Yes, Australian leaders need to join in and support it. I think all leaders in the world, including Australia, need to have a compassionate heart and stop all these horrible and evil acts.”

Ligaya Lacdao condemns the CCP’s persecution.

People sign the petition to protest the persecution.