Month: May 2005

Rescue Melbourne Resident from Being Deported to China

Mr. Tang Xianhui, a former democracy activist and current Falun Gong practitioner of six years, has been blacklisted in China for his democratic activities several years ago and is currently facing severe persecution for his practice of Falun Gong if he is deported back to China.

The CCP Has Manipulated and Deceived Me My Entire Life

This wicked party has always relied on deception and hiding to enforce its ruling. Even in the Internet age, they still try to blind the people through information blockage and message censoring. Its evil nature will never change. The persecution against Falun Gong and other prisoners of conscience helped us see its true nature even more clearly. What it fears the most is the people’s learning the truth, the people’s awakening, and the Party’s ultimate loss of political power.

The Function of the CCP Culture in the Persecution of Falun Gong (Photo) – Part 1

Several years ago, when clarifying the truth of Falun Gong over the Internet, I often sensed unspoken hatred from some Internet surfers incited by the propaganda and deceit of the Party. Some people, unprovoked, would say “Go to hell!” to a person whom they had never met nor had any conflict with. From such actions, one can see the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s distortion of human nature.

Reference Material: The Truth Behind China’s Economic Boom

To the Chinese leaders, the top priority is to perpetuate their own power. The biggest worry is the collapse of the Communist Party. Secretly they are praying that the conflicts don’t explode now; not in my term, please; wait until I retire; then you can do whatever you want.

National Celebrations Mark 2005 World Falun Dafa Day

Hundreds of Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) practitioners travelled from all parts of Australia to participate in the national World Falun Dafa Day celebrations in Sydney from Friday to Sunday. The annual Grand Parade took place on Sunday, May 15 and the practitioners from Queensland, Victoria, ACT, South Australia and regional NSW attended the event.