A Letter of Grievance From the Mother of ‘Anna’ to Australia’s ABC

ABC’s reporting is a flagrant attack on me and the entire Falun Gong community. It has taken a completely unethical approach and contains numerous falsehoods and misrepresentations to support the narrative that Falun Gong is “abusive,” “cult-like,” strange, or dangerous. ABC did not contact me to fact-check statements attributed to Anna, recollected from when she was a child, more than 17 years ago. I can only conclude that ABC had no interest in the truth or fairness but was only looking for material which would confirm its bigotry against Falun Gong.

ABC Lateline: Canadian activist defends claims of killings in China Broadcast

David Kilgour was a member of the Canadian Parliament for 26 years until January this year. During that time he served in many roles including Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific in the years 2002 and 2003. Prior to entering parliament Mr Kilgour practiced law, worked as Crown Prosecutor in Manitoba.

ABC, Australia: Falun Gong banner ban lifted

Falun Gong has been allowed to use large banners in its protests outside the Chinese embassy in Canberra, four years after they were banned by Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer.

ABC: Former policeman sheds light on organ harvesting

Earlier this month we reported on a Canadian investigation which said it had found more than 40,000 cases of organ transplants in China where the body parts came from executed political prisoners. Now a former Chinese policeman living in Australia has come forward with details of how the gruesome practice of organ harvesting is done.