ABC, Australia: Falun Gong banner ban lifted

Falun Gong has been allowed to use large banners in its protests outside the Chinese
embassy in Canberra, four years after they were banned by Foreign Affairs Minister
Alexander Downer.

Falun Gong says Mr Downer has stopped signing prohibitive
certificates for the first time.

They claim he has failed to prove how
their protests impair the dignity of the Chinese embassy.

Falun Gong spokesperson
Kay Rubacek says the group has maintained a continuous presence outside the embassy
since 1999.

"It’s really important that this truth be known and people
who are protesting against massive killing happening over in China," Ms Rubacek

"We really feel we should be allowed to raise this in the public
and it’s a very small display here at the embassy, we’re not really hurting anyone
at all."

date: 8/Aug/2006
Original article date: 8/Aug/2006
Category: Media Report


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