Some Historical and Contemporary Examples of Jealousy

When I was in junior high school, there was a small, skinny girl in my class who always excelled in school. She aced every examination. A boy in my class happened to live next to me. He was extremely jealous of the girl, and frequently stirred up trouble for her.

My Health Experience After Practicing Falun Dafa

I had suffered continual and severe sinus all my life. Every day I had a blocked nose and was continually swallowing. At night I was up 4 or 5 times trying to clear the nose and throat. I would take numerous sinus tablets, which also kept me awake at night. I lived with constant headaches and eye pressure.

The Gumnut Song

A few years ago in a land far away, As I walked through the bush on a hot summer’s day, There rose from some trees a glorious sound. I looked and I looked and at last I found, Hidden in the blossoms of an old gum tree, Tiny gumnut babies, so beautiful to see.

My Encounter with Falun Dafa

I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner and have been practicing for over two years. I was born in Australia and bought up in the Jewish religion.

Only One Pathway

Yet, through my sadness I felt her strength and her gentle determination to express her deep compassion for us, and that she understood and respected our way of thinking and feeling. At that point, I understood the truth and my heart began to change.

My Search for Truth is Over –Now the Real Work Begins

I have been seeking truth most of my life. When I was four years old, I brought a Bible to my mother and asked her to teach me to read. She did not think that she could teach me to read so she said that I should wait until I went to school to learn.

On Yin and Yang and Bearing Baby Boys and Girls

There was an elderly journalist at my former workplace. In his lifetime, he visited many places in China and got to know various aspects of society, different people and things, and he became very knowledgeable.