Mr. Chan’s Magnificent Journey (Photo)

Here is a painting I just finished. I want to give you a little background
as to what this painting is about, why I painted it, and what I hope to do with

TIANANMEN .. (One Day Spring Time)

Three years and more unfolding
such winters of clouded repression.
From immolations staged, storms
on Zhongnanhai concocted, terror
behind the taming of millions

A New Light in my Life

My name is Carlos, I am a lawyer, 41 years old, married and have two daughters, 10 and 12 years old. I live in Madrid, Spain. I have been practising Falun Dafa for two and half months. I am very happy to exchange experiences with all of you.

Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Diarrhea

Fernando and I have been working together in the same clinic for many years. He is one of the most respected family doctors in the area. We frequently discussed the differences in Western and Chinese approaches to medical treatment and diagnosis.

Why is Falun Dafa a Science of Mind and Body?

I’m a junior scientist who graduated in human genetics and is specializing in neurobiology. My thesis was about the molecular mechanisms of learning and memory, and I’m now working as a researcher on an EEC-sponsored program in Paris.

Falun Dafa is Beyond the Scope of Modern Science

In October 1998, some physicians at China Union Medical University did a large-scale survey among more than 10,000 Falun Dafa practitioners in Beijing regarding their health status. The results showed that 99.1% of Falun Dafa practitioners improved their health after practice.