(Minghui.org) Practitioners from New Zealand arrived at the beautiful island of Fiji on March 23, 2024, with their objective being to bring Falun Dafa, an ancient cultivation practice, to the island. Teachers and students in many schools learned the exercises, and the practitioners were welcomed by residents everywhere they went.

Twenty practitioners came to Fiji. Among them was an IT project manager, a teacher, a doctor, a media expert, a business owner, and some retirees. For eight days, they visited cities including Nadi, Lautoka, and Suva.

They went to 20 schools, 24 churches, and several government organisations, businesses, and medical institutions. Along the way, thousands of residents received materials handed out by the practitioners at long distance rest stops, shopping centres, and markets. Some people approached practitioners to find out more about Falun Dafa.

Some school principals arranged for their teachers and students to learn the exercises. At medical institutions, senior officials and employees were shocked to learn of the state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting in China, and said they would try their best to stop these crimes from continuing. People formed long lines in some places, waiting to receive information about Falun Dafa.

Practitioners from New Zealand visited Fiji on March 23-30, 2024 to introduce the mind and body practice to islanders. Some school principals arranged for teachers and students to learn the exercises.
Practitioners held classes at a church on the island of Fiji during the Easter holidays.


Teachers and Students Learn the Falun Dafa Exercises

After practitioners introduced Falun Dafa to a primary school principal, he asked the students to gather on the school grounds. He said, “On behalf of the school, I thank practitioners for coming, I believe Falun Dafa can bring good health to teachers and students. I feel honored that our students and staff have this opportunity to learn the practice.”

A school organised students to learn the exercises.
Teachers and practitioners pose for a group photo.

Practitioners went to a university to introduce Falun Dafa. Students took the materials and learned the exercises. One student, who said he’d been tormented by asthma, felt that he finally found hope in Falun Dafa.

A female university student said, “I felt the beauty of Falun Dafa. I will continue practicing it.” She asked to take a photo with a practitioner, and asked for his contact information.

A female university student said Falun Dafa is good and she wants to practice it.

At a school, teachers and students were introduced to the health benefits of the practice. They were shocked to learn that practitioners in China are brutally tortured.

At another primary school, as a practitioner prepared to leave after teaching the exercises, several students wanted to take a photo with her. As they were about to take the photo, more and more students came up and surrounded her.

Students in a primary school took a group photo with a practitioner after she taught them the exercises.

On the way from Nadi to Suva on March 25, practitioners stopped at three schools in a town. A principal of one of the schools arranged for the students of a class to learn the exercises. When practitioners arrived in Suva, they visited 12 schools and taught the exercises at six of the schools.

Many teachers and students told practitioners that they felt powerful energy when doing the exercises. Many people exchanged emails with practitioners and said they wished to keep in contact.

Schools organised students to learn the exercises.


Forced Organ Harvesting is Shocking

During the eight-day trip, practitioners visited several medical institutions in Suva and Nadi, and met with senior officials. They introduced Falun Dafa and told them how the Chinese communist regime harvests organs from practitioners.

The officials thanked the practitioners for bringing them such important information. They realised it was possible that Western medical institutions had unknowingly assisted the CCP in its crimes against humanity, such as pharmaceutical companies, doctors who referred patients, Western companies who supplied medical expertise, insurance companies that offered insurance for medical tours, Western universities that train medical students from China, and so on.

Lecturers in medical universities said that in the future they will encourage their students to not go to China for further studies, in order to avoid participating in the crimes of forced organ harvesting.

Several senior hospital officials said they were shocked by the practice of forced organ harvesting in China. They said they would send patients who needed organ transplants to Australia or New Zealand in the future instead of to China, to avoid becoming accomplices.

They were moved by practitioners’ efforts to raise awareness of the CCP’s forced organ harvesting crime, and said they would take action to help end it.

An employee in a government organisation said after receiving information on forced organ harvesting, “You are doing a great job. Many people didn’t know about this.”

He also said, “My relative went to Beijing and worked there for several months on a joint project. He said it was terrifying, they were indeed taking organs from living people. Many people who know the truth are scared to talk about it!”


Police Express Support

Practitioners also introduced the practice and the CCP’s forced organ harvesting to local police officers during their trip to Fiji. At a commercial center in Suva, practitioners encountered around 200 police officers by chance. Nearly every one took information. Some also asked for other materials. They were shocked to hear of the CCP’s forced organ harvesting, and said they would learn more about it. Some wanted to learn how to practice Falun Dafa.

Police officers in Fiji expressed their support for Falun Dafa after learning about the persecution.