(Minghui.org) (Continued from Part 1)

During the last Shen Yun performance in Northampton, UK, on Sunday, January 21, I saw many scenes in other dimensions. I’d like to share the most touching one.

During the last song, out of the bodies of the audience came great kings and queens of old, with crowns and great robes, sitting on their thrones with great golden halos on their heads. Each was almost as tall as the theatre. They were listening attentively to the song, leaning in, and shedding tears, moved by the great compassion of the lyrics and the singer. As they cried, out of their halos hundreds and hundreds of beings started shooting upward, going to their celestial homes. These kings and queens could go up as well, but they wanted to linger down here to listen to the entire song, as they had never heard such compassion. But their beings flew out of their halos back home like bubbles popping out of boiling water. (I myself could not stop crying due to the overwhelming compassion of the song and the appearance of these long-forgotten kings and queens being saved with all their beings.)

On the last sentence of the song, “a heavenly path opens”, the golden gate opened up and the great kings and queens on their thrones immediately shot up to the heavens in the golden current. But some were delayed and stayed suspended above the audience, connected to the main consciousness of the person.

The curtain came down, and the emcees appeared and announced the last piece. But one emcee made a little mistake in a sentence, causing some audience members’ main consciousnesses to lose focus for a second and disconnect themselves from the golden current of the heavenly gate. When this happened, the kings and queens (and their beings) became stuck in limbo–confused, suspended, in neither heaven nor earth–and could not enter the current to go home.

Only when the main consciousness of an audience member was focused and could accept the words and pieces of the show would it enter the current of the gate to heaven, enabling their kings and queens to fly up.

In the last piece of the show, when the Buddha appeared and rotated the golden wheel, these kings and queens quickly shot up to the sky. Then, other millions of beings came out of people’s pores in dense quantities, entering the current of the golden gate like steam coming out of a pressure cooker, with each being as one molecule of steam–all shooting upward to the heavens in rays of golden light.