(Minghui.org) While Shen Yun performed its 2024 show in the UK, I saw some scenes in other dimensions that I want to share while they are still fresh in my mind.

At the performance, many beings came out of audience members’ bodies, floated up, reached consummation, and went back to their celestial homes. There were moments in the show when more beings came out, especially in the second half. During “The Restaurant,” “Kindness Rewarded,” and “Monk Ji Gong” dances (I can’t remember which one now precisely), I saw many little baby cherubs come out. They held hands, laughed, formed circles, and helped each other go up.

During other dances, many different types of gods and goddesses came out, peeling themselves out of people’s skin. Some had wings, and some had harps or bows. Some looked Greek, and some looked Chinese. More beings came out from audience members’ bodies during the songs.

In the second half, there were comparatively more beings coming out, especially as soon as the erhu solo started.

When someone in the audience or staff made noise that interrupted the audience’s focus, some beings that came out became stubborn and didn’t want to jump up to heaven. They sat on the audience member’s shoulder and looked down with a stubborn face. Some cherubs from other audience members then tried to lift them up with effort or push them from behind so that they could go up. If it was a practitioner who made the noise that distracted the main consciousness of the person watching the show, they would be more annoyed and stubborn.

These beings were confused, not knowing why they came out of the body, and they were unruly, like a child throwing a tantrum. Other beings trying to come out were blocked under the skin of the person, banging desperately and begging to come out. But the distracted person was not watching the show and had momentarily come out of the state of being saved, back to human thinking and worries. The result was that the specific beings predestined to come out during that piece were blocked.

On the night of January 6, 2024, Shen Yun concluded its fourth performance at New Theatre Oxford with four curtain calls. (The Epoch Times)

During the last song, more beings came out of each audience member, and they flew up more quickly. When the vocalist sang “a heavenly path opens”, a golden wheel of many colors that encompassed the whole audience opened up, with pillars of golden light shooting up into the sky. At that moment, thousands of beings came out from every audience member, entered the pillars, and shot up through the light passages. They quickly came out in hoards, jumped up desperately, and used the heads and shoulders of people as stepping stones to propel themselves up faster, as if it was a race.

During the last program, as the Buddha turned the wheel, millions of beings shot upward at the speed of light, without any obstacles, like an incredibly potent water faucet. It was almost impossible to count the many beings shooting upward. This golden gateway stayed open all the way to the end, even through the curtain calls, and lingered after the show.