(Minghui.org) I’ve noticed that my daughter, Mei, is not as addicted to playing on her cellphone recently. She only uses her cellphone if she has to look for her homework or send her homework in. She also takes a look at her phone if she is tired.

It was not like this in the past. My daughter is in fourth grade. I never let her use cellphones when she was young. She would only read books, memorise ancient Chinese poems, study the Fa, or memorise poems in Hong Yin with me. She read Zhuan Falun, the main text of Falun Dafa, eloquently when she was in first grade.

She started to have virtual online classes when the COVID-19 pandemic started. I was busy with work and raising awareness about the persecution. I barely had anytime to look after Mei. She started playing games on her cellphone. It started with chatting with friends on social media, then it evolved into watching short videos. She was addicted to it and did not listen to me or anyone else.

Mei always carried her cellphone with her and no longer read books or played with her toys. I understood the harm of playing with cellphones and was very worried that she’d be poisoned by the negative things on the internet. However, I was at my wits’ end and did not know what to do.

Not only was she addicted to watching short videos, Mei was also addicted to playing games that her older cousin had downloaded on her grandmother’s cellphone. She played the games all throughout summer break and during an eight-day break in October. She’d begged to go to her grandmother’s house whenever she had no homework. It became out of control, as she played the games on her cellphone anytime and anywhere.

She’d miss meal times and gave up on correcting the mistakes in her homework. She stayed up till very late at her grandmother’s house playing games on the cellphone. I knew the harm of playing games. Mei did not listen to me, no matter what I said. Mei was unable to put her cellphone down even when I tried to force her. I couldn’t even take it away from her. I would confront her each time. I felt like there was nothing else I could do to stop her from playing games on her phone.

Master and Minghui.org published several new articles recently.

Master pointed out,

“…human attachments, human notions, and human emotions…” (“Stay Far Away From Peril”)

This made many practitioners reflect on their cultivation, and many practitioners also started to look inward. I constantly pondered “human attachments, human notions, and human emotions” one day. I realised human notions are all humanly.

Practitioners should have righteous thoughts instead of viewing issues from a humanly perspective. For example, I’d viewed the issue of playing on cellphones too heavily. I did not want Mei to be exposed to cellphones and was treating Mei badly. The more I worried about it, the harder the situation was to control. I kept scaring Mei by saying that “cellphones and games will destroy you.” I lost my patience and did not have compassion. Not only did Mei not listen to me, she’d also often throw temper tantrums.

I realised I’d taken the issue of the harm of cellphones much too seriously. Was I giving it too much credit?  People are unable to live without cellphones. It is needless to say that cell phones are harmful to children and students. Teachers and parents are at their wits’ end. Human beings are incapable of having normal communication and activities. How could I take the problem of cell phones so seriously? Wasn’t this speaking too highly about the issue of cellphones? Dafa can resolve all problems and the issue of cellphones is very minute in comparison.

I’m not as attached to Mei’s grades in school and believe that her future and destiny is all pre-arranged. I was busy working during the weekdays and clarified the truth during the weekends. Hence, I did not spend much quality time with Mei. Mei would not listen to me and I’d often get angry. I realised that I cannot let Mei do whatever she wants. This is very irresponsible, and as practitioners we should have righteous thoughts. I need to be responsible for my daughter’s upbringing. I have the responsibility and obligation to nurture Mei. I am not just her mother, but more importantly, I am a Dafa disciple.

After enlightening to this issue, I asked Mei to come to a group Fa study with me. She was addicted to playing games and was unwilling to come. I was very serious and stressed the fact that she cannot play games as she wishes anymore. This was indulging our demonic side. She unwillingly came with me, and afterward seemed to have changed into a completely new person. Mei began to study the Fa fluently with everyone.

Mei started to change for the better and spoke in a kind manner. She was more obedient and I did not need to worry about her as much. This was a very drastic change for me.

I know this happened because I got rid of my human notions on this issue. When we encounter obstacles, it might be exposing the human notions that we need to eliminate and transcend.