(Minghui.org) For a long time, I felt that something had gone wrong with this society, and many chaotic things were happening. There must have been something behind it, but I did not understand what it was. This bothered me until early 2005.


Reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

I saw a DVD at the entrance to my workplace in March 2005. Curious about what was on it, I played it on a computer. It was the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the disc was of high quality. Through solid historical information and pictures, it gave a thorough and in-depth analysis of the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It laid bare the CCP’s lies and answered my questions—it was fascinating.

By then I realised that the CCP had caused endless problems in our country. In other words, the DVD woke me up and showed me what the CCP really was. I watched the DVD again and again. To me, the author of Nine Commentaries must have been a sage, because he could see through the CCP so thoroughly and explain it so clearly. Also, the Nine Commentaries not only evaluated the CCP from a human standpoint, it also elaborated on the Party from a spiritual viewpoint, something an ordinary person could not do.

I wanted to know where the Nine Commentaries came from. Using software tools that circumvented the Internet blockade, I accessed overseas information. After listening to the audio lectures by Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, I felt refreshed and witnessed miracles. However, I was unable to give up smoking and drinking. I also failed to let go of my attachments to fame and material interests, so I had yet to become a practitioner.


My Family Was Saved

I was cold and selfish before, which made my wife take our child to her parents’ home, and she did not want to come back. I was lost, too, and frustrated, and didn’t know what to do.

My encounter with the Nine Commentaries and Falun Gong changed me. I took the DVD and went to visit my wife. She had received an email about the Nine Commentaries and about how to quit the CCP organisations. We reached an agreement and quit the CCP organisations on the Epoch Times website together.

I also told her how great Falun Gong was and recommended it to her. She accepted it, came home, and became a practitioner. Our life changed after that. I would really like to thank Master Li, Falun Gong, and the practitioners who risked their lives spreading the truth. Without them, my family would have ceased to be a long time ago.


Rescuing My Wife After Her Detention

Practicing Falun Gong renewed my wife. The numerous ailments that she’d suffered for many years disappeared. But because she shared information about Falun Gong with others so that they could also benefit, she was arrested and detained.

As her husband, I had to rescue her. I unveiled the lies about Falun Gong to the government officials and never feared being implicated. I knew the facts and understood that the persecution had no legal basis.

After my wife’s case was forwarded to the court, I went to the judge and reasoned with him. He was ill, and the case was delayed for over a year. After a new judge announced my wife’s sentence, I went to the court and argued with him, “Why did you sentence her to so many years? What is your legal basis?!” He did not know how to respond, and warned me, “If you keep yelling, I will call a bailiff.”

After my wife was admitted to the prison, the guards tried everything they could think of to keep me from visiting her. I knew she was suffering a lot. I could not give in, and had to defend my right to protect her. I studied prison law and was persistent in seeking opportunities to visit my wife.

I said to the guard during a trip to the prison, “I came to visit my wife because the law allows it. If you don’t let me see her, you are violating the law. In fact, you are depriving both of us of our rights, her as a detainee to have visitors, and me as a family member to visit her. What law gives you that authority?” The guard did not know how to respond.

When I was finally allowed to see my wife, I asked her in front of the guards. “Did anyone beat you? Do we need to appeal?”

The guard was nervous and tried to prevent my next visit. “You support her practicing Falun Gong and you are a practitioner, too, so we will cancel your next visit,” she said.

I had no fear. “Whether or not I practice Falun Gong is irrelevant. Even if I call out ‘Falun Dafa is good’ here, you cannot arrest me. You’d have to call the police. Right?”

“Yes, I want to call the police,” the guard replied.

“OK, then, please go ahead. Then you will understand you are not in a position to arrest me,” I said.

The guard planned to threaten me by denying my visit. She did not expect this was where our conversation would end up.

“You are violating the law by obstructing my visit. I will sue you. What is your ID number?” I asked.

She was scared and immediately covered up her badge. I then filed a complaint with the discipline inspection department of the prison. When she was investigated, the guard claimed that she’d kept me from visiting my wife because seeing me would jeopardise their efforts to “transform” her.

I knew this was a lie and said, “I had not seen her yet. How would you know her mental state would be disturbed? And how would you know it would not be good for her?” I saw my wife in the end. The guard was upset, but there was nothing she could do.

On another visit, I asked my wife, “Did anyone bully you? Did anyone in the same cell bully you?” Before my wife could answer, a guard interrupted us and asked my wife, “Did anyone do that? Tell me!”

I looked at the guard, handed her the speaker, and said loudly, “Our time to visit is very short and you are interrupting us. How about this? You speak first and I will speak after you are done.”

With so many people in the room, the guard’s face went red and she didn’t say anything else. I took back the speaker and said to my wife, “If anyone bullies you, an inmate will have her term extended and a guard will have her employment terminated.”

That shocked the guards, and no one said anything.

In order to see my wife, I once argued with the guards for an entire morning and did not give up. In the end, I was granted the visit. A friend who went with me could not understand it. He thought my abrasive “attitude” would just make things worse. In other words, family members who come to visit feel they should always be obedient, because they worry their misbehavior might cause their loved ones to suffer more in custody.

But I think family members of detained Falun Gong practitioners are different. Our family members were treated unjustly and were ordered to renounce their belief. Any official who denies the visit is violating the law. The more open and honest we are, the more frightened the officials will be. The more we care about this and fight for our legal rights, the better the situations will become. Were we to yield to officials unconditionally, the officials would be more reckless in persecuting practitioners, which would harm themselves, too.

After my wife was transferred to another unit in the prison, the guards were very polite to me whenever I visited, and I did not encounter any difficulty visiting her. After my wife returned home, she told me I was the most outstanding family member among all the detainees. “The guards all knew you and they were afraid of you,” she said. “Whenever you came, they would remind each other: ‘Mr. X is coming, so we’d better be careful.’ They are most afraid of the family members who are tough and know about the law.”

During the “Zero-out” campaign around 2020, officials from the neighborhood administration office came to harass my wife and ordered her to sign the statement to renounce Falun Gong. “Don’t worry. I will take care of it,” I said to her.

When I went to the neighborhood administration office, they took out a piece of paper for me sign on behalf of my wife. Seeing the word “cult” on it, I said, “Do you have evidence for this? If so, I will sign; otherwise, please do not harass us again. It is illegal.”

They did not say anything, nor did they come again.


Helping Other Detained Practitioners

In the past few years, I have also helped to rescue several other detained Falun Gong practitioners.

Bin was detained for several days for telling people about Falun Gong, but the police did not give him or his family a copy of the “Administrative Penalty Decision.” After some time, he was detained again and the case was forwarded to the Procuratorate. By working with his family, we contacted the police, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the Procuratorate, and the court.

“When Bin was detained previously, officials did not give him a copy of the ‘Administrative Penalty Decision.’ If they had, we would have already requested Administrative Reconsideration or Administrative Litigation,” I said. “In that case, the detention would have been revoked. It is illegal to cite that groundless detention in this case.” Bin was released after we submitted the documents to the Procuratorate.

After several practitioners, including Chun, were arrested, I went to the Procuratorate with her family and asked the prosecutor, “What’s the legal basis for their arrests?” The officer showed me a document from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate that defamed Falun Gong as a “cult.”

“This is an internal document, not law,” I said.

In the end, Chun’s case was dismissed and she returned home.

Fang was already in her 80s, but the Procuratorate still wanted to indict her. “Will you quit the Falun Gong organisation?” the prosecutors asked her.

Looking at the two prosecutors, I said, “She is in her 80s. She didn’t join any Falun Gong ‘organisation.’ There simply is no such organisation. It is not like your joining the CCP organisations that you had to raise your hand and swear to when you joined. Since Fang did not join any organisation, how could she quit it?”

The prosecutor had no reply.

“Many real criminals remain at large, while a peaceful woman like Fang is being treated unfairly. This is a waste of resources,” I said as I slammed the table. “Plus, you did not specify which laws Fang has violated. Isn’t this absurd?”

They did not know what to say. They later said they would forward our opinions to higher officials.

Guo was facing an illegal trial, and I went with her family to see the judge. After the family said they would enter a “not-guilty” plea for Guo, the judge was nervous and asked, “How will you defend her?”

“We follow the law,” one family member said.

“We will question the evidence and request cross-examination in the courtroom,” I explained. “Since the charge is ‘undermining law enforcement using a cult,’ we will ask the prosecutor to show evidence that Falun Gong is a cult; otherwise, the charge is groundless and Guo should be released.”

The judge was nervous and said a lawyer had been assigned to Guo.

Kai was firm in his faith in jail, even though guards and inmates tortured him. When he was in poor health, his family and I went to the jail to request medical parole for him. In fact, Kai met the criteria, but the officials refused to approve it since he did not renounce his belief. As a result, the officials kept declining the medical parole, saying Kai did not take recommended medications.

I said there were many kinds of medical intervention, including Chinese medicine, Western medicine, qigong, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and so on. “Kai was healthy at home by practicing Falun Gong. He is now ill because he is not allowed to practice it in jail,” I said. “Yes, he does refuse to take medications since he knows they will not help him. What he needs is to be able to practice Falun Gong. That is why we are asking for medical parole for him.”

While working on the medical parole, his family also sued guards for mistreating him. Kai was released not long after that.



During this process, I have discovered that many CCP officials in the legal system have little knowledge of the law. They simply follow orders from above to protect their own self-interests. This is why they have been so reckless in the persecution. If we clear things out based on the law, it will help rescue detained practitioners and prevent these officials from committing more crimes.

From the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, we have learned that the CCP will destroy mankind. That is why rejecting the CCP is important. Also, please remember what Master Li said,

“So no matter whether you are rich or poor in life, you should be sure to do good, refrain from doing bad things, stay good and kind, be spiritual and devout, and be happy to help others.” (“How Humankind Came To Be”)