(Minghui.org) When major holidays such as World Falun Dafa Day, Chinese New Year, or the Moon Festival approached, my coworkers always asked me to extend their best wishes and gratitude to Dafa’s Master. “We can even put up a banner in our work unit to celebrate ‘World Falun Dafa Day,’” a coworker once suggested. Whenever a coworker joined, someone would tell him or her, “Have you quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organisations? A person has to do it if they work here.”

In China, where Falun Dafa is persecuted by the CCP, I am happy these coworkers support Dafa and raise awareness about the persecution in their own ways.


“Falun Dafa Brings China Hope”

Not long after I began to work here, the CCP started the knock-on-door campaign to harass Falun Dafa practitioners. My coworkers thus learned about my belief. When working with them, I always follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Not only was I considerate of them, I also passed on opportunities for awards, promotions, and pay raises to them. Upon encountering conflicts or miscommunications, I always looked within to check where I could do better. Seeing me always helping them without complaint, they all like to work with me.

When they heard I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, my coworkers were surprised. For them, Dafa has nothing to do with their everyday life and they only remember the hate propaganda by the CCP many years before. They hardly knew any facts about Falun Dafa. That is, they did not expect someone who worked so closely with them to be a Falun Dafa practitioner.

They asked me about many things, from the self-immolation incident staged by the CCP to the historic appeal by 10,000 practitioners in April 1999. They were curious as to why Dafa practitioners always urge people to renounce their memberships in the CCP organisations. I answered their questions and told them that the persecution is real, as I’d been detained several times myself.

Not everyone supported me or believed me at first, so I shared with them some software tools that could enable them to overcome the internet blockade, so they could access uncensored information from overseas websites. This allows them to learn more about Dafa and how the CCP has defamed the practice over the years.

One of them, Lei, said he knew of a gaming platform that could access overseas websites. He did not know one could get so much more out of it. One by one, my coworkers all installed Wujie and Freegate. They were able to access Google (which is blocked in China) and search for facts about Falun Dafa, the Tiananmen Massacre in 1989, and many other things.

They also found many videos, and we often watched together during breaks. They include False FireNow and For the Future, the Tiananmen Massacre, and more. “Can we find Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party?” asked Mei. “I used to receive a DVD of it.”

Another coworker found it and we connected it to a speaker. This way we were able to listen to it as we were working, and we chatted about how vicious the CCP is. In addition, we listened together to audio files of The Ultimate Goal of Communism, traditional culture stories from Minghui Radio, and songs such as “Falun Dafa is good.” After hearing us talking about these, one workplace official commented, “Nowadays, you can trust anyone but not the CCP.”

Yong, a CCP member, is also the oldest among us. He did not agree that the CCP was vicious and sometimes argued with us. I talked with him about quitting the CCP organisations, but he did not listen. In fact, he knew Falun Dafa was innocent and it was former CCP leader Jiang Zemin who ordered the persecution. But he just could not see through the CCP’s nature. Later on, I recommended that he read more sources overseas and learn about the regime’s brutality in the past few decades. After a while, he came to me and said, “Please help me quit the Party, I want to side with the Chinese citizens.”

To learn what Dafa is and why the CCP suppresses the group, Yong often overcomes the Internet blockade and reads information overseas. I once brought him the electronic version of Zhuan Falun. He read several pages and said, “This is righteous. No doubt about it.” He also asked for a print copy of Zhuan Falun so that he could keep it.

One day, Yong went to a cell phone store for something. When a technician there checked the phone setting, he noticed Wujie. “Oh, you also have this? We all use it here.” After reading these contents online, Yong joined us to discuss how vicious the CCP is and he became very happy.

These coworkers also searched Google on how I was mistreated by the CCP. Minghui has thoroughly reported how I have been suppressed by the CCP these years for my belief, and they were shocked to read about it. Some were so sympathetic and were in tears. They did not know a person with such a positive attitude like me had suffered so much. “Had I suffered these things, I would have collapsed a long time ago, let alone maintaining an upright mindset like you,” one of them said. “Falun Dafa brings China hope,” another person added.

When the CCP covered up the pandemic, my coworkers were glad to read factual information from Epoch Times and NTD Television. They were shocked to see that so many people died in the catastrophe. As a result, they often spread these words around and hoped the CCP would end soon.


A Harmonious Environment

After hearing information about Falun Dafa from me, my coworkers respected me very much. They often talked with me about their challenges in life. I shared my thoughts and explained how a person with great wisdom would handle this. Everyone trusted me very much.

One coworker, Jian, argued with his wife a lot. His wife stayed at home taking care of the child and rarely went out. But she complained a lot and was easily irritated. Jian could not understand why she would become like this. So whenever his wife got angry, he would yell and even beat her up, leaving the child frightened and crying. Because they often fought with each other and called the police, even their neighbors could not lead normal lives. Jian’s wife even called his workplace officials at midnight for him to take a day off to file for divorce the next day.

When talking with Jian, I shared my understanding. We chatted about how people in ancient times treated marriage, and he listened to Minghui Radio programs with related stories. I said a husband has the responsibility to take care of the family, and it requires an open mind as well as generosity. Gradually, Jian changed, and he could tolerate when his wife got angry. Later he no longer talked about divorce and could wear a smile at work. “You have improved a lot,” I said to him. “Well, we improve together,” he replied. Now his family has a happy life.

During break time, I often wrote calligraphy phrases such as “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” My coworker also joined me when they had time. Among us, we circulated Zhuan Falun to read and also sang songs like “Falun Dafa Is Good.” The beautiful melody was heard in the busy workplace and everyone was happy. When meeting one another, we often greeted with words such as “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

In such an environment, we have few arguments and there is hardly any discord. We do not compete with each other for fame or material interest like other departments. No matter how many household chores we have, when we get to the workplace, we melt into this harmonious environment. As a result, officials do not need to discipline us with strict rules. We all realise how wonderful Falun Dafa is.


Ten-Year Agreement

Several of us who work together often chatted about the vicious nature of the CCP and its mistreatment of Dafa practitioners. After the movie Coming for You was released, we finished watching the entire movie during three lunch breaks. One of them, Zhu, asked for a copy of Zhuan Falun, and everyone hoped practitioners could freely practice their belief soon.

Once when going out, three of my coworkers chatted about when the CCP would dissolve. “I hope it happens in my lifetime,” said Gao.

“Although the Party appears strong, once people know the bad deeds it has done, it will dissolve instantly,” Zhu added.

“You Falun Dafa practitioners should take the lead. With so many supporters around the world, you can easily overthrow it,” Zhu continued.

I told them Master Li has explained that Falun Dafa has no political agenda. “We just want people to know facts and be blessed with a good future. The CCP is doomed because of the sins it has committed – the divine cannot tolerate that,” I explained, and they all agree.

“How long will this take?” Zhu asked.

“I think it takes dozens of years,” said Gao.

“Looking at incidents in these years, we know the CCP is rotten to the core,” I said. “We are young and will see it happen.”

“How about we have an agreement? If the CCP dissolves within ten years, we will invite you to the best restaurant to celebrate,” Zhu said. “If it does not happen, we will wait for another ten years. Okay?”

“Sure,” I said.

When we returned, some other coworkers heard about this and joined the ten-year agreement. After all, we all hope the persecution ends soon and Chinese citizens can live free lives without the CCP.


Quitting the CCP Organisations

During major holidays like World Falun Dafa Day, Chinese New Year, and the Moon Festival, I prepared a beautiful greeting card and submitted it to the Minghui website. Upon hearing about this, my coworkers also extended their best wishes to Master.

“Could you submit a greeting card for me too?” one of them said. “I want to thank Master Li and his disciples on behalf of my family of three.”

“Me too!” another one added. “My family recites the phrases ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ a lot. I also do sitting meditation every day,” another one added.

“Please thank Master Li for me,” said Hong, “If everyone was like you practitioners, this world would be a better place.”

Zhu, on the other hand, said we could even put up a banner of “Falun Dafa Day” in the work unit to celebrate.

Whenever new employees come, my coworkers ask them to quit the CCP organisations. I follow up by explaining what Falun Dafa is, and the importance of quitting the CCP organizations. After that, new employees would renounce their memberships in the CCP organisations and overcome the Internet blockade to access uncensored information.

Wang was a new coworker and we had not had a chance to talk about Falun Dafa yet. Once during lunch, I asked if he had heard about quitting the CCP organisations. He said no. I explained why it was important to sever ties with the CCP, but Wang was still hesitant.

“He does not want anything from you and is not asking you to do something,” one coworker said, trying to help me persuade him. “He just hopes you to know the CCP’s nature and quit the organisations for a better future.”

Wang understood and agreed to renounce his membership in the CCP’s junior organisations, both the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.

“Please also remember ‘Falun Dafa is good,’” another one added. “It will be good for you.”

Wang also agreed.

After Hong quit the Party herself, she worried about her parental and maternal grandfathers. Both of them were CCP members and they had passed away. “They are your relatives. Since you have learned the facts of Falun Dafa, you can help them to quit the CCP,” I explained. Hong thanked me and followed the advice. Some coworkers also called the hotline for the overseas Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP to quit the Party themselves.


Highest Quality

After my coworkers learn the facts about Dafa, I give them an amulet or pendant and a small gourd with “Falun Dafa is good” carved on it,  which they really like.

After I bought a car, I hung a colorful crystal lotus flower on the rearview mirror. “The lotus flower looks great. But it doesn’t say ‘Falun Dafa is good’ on it,” commented Bao.

“I always have these words in my mind. There should be no difference,” I said.

“An amulet must have the words on it,” Bao insisted.

Zhu offered to make one in our work unit since we have all kinds of machine tools there. Gao wrote the words while Bao did the engraving and drilling in the machine shop. The words “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” were in li shu (clerical script) font and they were very clear. Because the material was glass, there were some burrs on the edges of the words.

“These are good enough,” I said.

“Since it is related to Falun Dafa, it has to be perfect,” said my coworkers.

Lei then engraved the words with a laser machine on plexiglass. The product was great and the characters were beautiful. These nine words surrounded the lotus flower core and glittered in the sunlight.

“You need to treat us to a meal because this lotus flower is so unique in this world,” one coworker joked.

“What are you talking about?” another one said. “Producing this will accumulate mighty virtue. How can we exchange that for a meal?!” another one said smiling.

In his spare time, Sheng made a metal keychain pendant and showed it to me. “It is well done and the polish is so bright,” I said.

He then took out a similar one that read “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” and gave it to me.

“Thank you! Who made this?” I asked excitedly.

“I designed it and Gao engraved it,” Sheng added.

I am happy for my coworkers who support Falun Dafa and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.


“Jiang Zemin Has Died and the CCP Will Be Over Soon”

When I was working on November 30, 2022, one coworker called out, “Look! Jiang Zemin has died!”

I looked at my phone and saw several social media messages from coworkers and family members. Yes, Jiang has indeed died.

“Finally Jiang has died,” Bao said. “Glad he cannot harm people anymore.”

“Everyone knows he was bad. We need to buy fireworks and celebrate,” added Sheng.

“Jiang betrayed China by giving away land, making high officials corrupt, and causing moral degeneration. Finally he is gone,” remarked Chen.

“Yes, we need to celebrate!” Zhu said.

This was a popular topic during those days. “Jiang has died and the CCP will be over soon,” one coworker said. “Finally, Jiang is in hell. This is great news for mankind,” another said.

Starting in December 2022, the number of infection cases sharply increased in China. My company required its employees to work from home. We also reminded each other to keep in mind “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Some coworkers were not infected all along, and some had minor symptoms.

“I recite ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’ every day. Neither mother nor I got infected,” remarked Mei.

“I also recite it every day. How come I was still infected?” asked another coworker, Wen.

“You need determination and should continue reciting it,” explained Mei.

Wen did and soon recovered.

The CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong has lasted 24 years. In the beginning, people were misled by the defamatory propaganda. But because practitioners have kept clarifying the facts about Dafa all these years, people have gradually awakened. As a result, they have begun to support practitioners and oppose the suppression. This is a testament to Dafa’s integrity as well as practitioners’ righteous belief.