Munich, Germany: Practitioners Hold Activities to Introduce Falun Dafa and Expose the CCP Regime’s Decades Long Persecution

( Practitioners held activities in Munich on March 18, 2023 to introduce Falun Dafa and tell people about the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) decades-long persecution. They demonstrated the exercises and collected signatures on a petition to call for an end to the CCP’s organ harvesting atrocities.

Bettina Strava and Tobias Meichelboeck stopped to watch the practitioners’ activities and signed the petition. Ms. Strava is a teacher. She said that the scene of practitioners demonstrating the exercises was, “very positive, calm and pleasant, and looked beautiful.” She said that she felt energy emitted by the practitioners and, “An indescribable beauty.”

She was shocked to hear how the CCP harvests organs from practitioners while they are alive and said, “We live in the 21st century. In this era, such things (the CCP’s live organ harvesting) still happens, and the government supports it, which is terrible. It’s important to stop these behaviors which should be banned no matter what.”

She could not understand why the CCP has forbidden people from practicing Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance for 23 years. She said people should decide what they want to believe in and shouldn’t be persecuted for it.

Bettina Strava and Tobias Meichelboeck
Exercise demonstration
Some people learn the sitting meditation.


Public Condemn the CCP’s Persecution

Souzan Mortezai, a radio station editor, was appalled when she saw the banner exposing the CCP’s live organ harvesting, and immediately signed the petition.

“This topic is not only related to Chinese people, but also affects people everywhere. When it comes to suffering and pain, everyone should bear it together, whether it is in China or on Munich’s Marienplatz,” she said. “Every voice is important. I’ll ask everyone to support.”

She was interested in learning more about Falun Dafa, and exchanged contact information with a practitioner and made an appointment to meet again for a detailed discussion.

Souzan Mortezai said the CCP’s persecution was terrible.


Mentor Covanaj, a pharmacist, and his wife stopped when they saw the banners and pictures, and signed the petition. When he learned that Chinese people were being persecuted by the CCP for practicing Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Covanaj said it was inconceivable. His wife said, “(Organ harvesting) is really evil.”

Mentor Covanaj and his wife


Seeing the practitioners doing the exercises, kindergarten teacher Ewa Galambfalvi and her friend Wölös said they felt energy. “I can feel this kind of energy is really good. Some positive energy can even pass through the crowd on the square,” she said. “I also want to practice it.”

She said the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good, and she wanted to know more, “These are beautiful principles. We must always guard our own hearts and get rid of selfishness. When something happens, no matter what others do, we should listen to our inner response and have kind thoughts.”

Ms. Galambfalvi added, “I know the CCP is not good. We come from Hungary and Romania and so we know about communism.” They both signed the petition to stop the CCP’s persecution.

Ewa Galambfalvi and Wölös

People sign the petition calling for the persecution to end.


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