(Minghui.org) The 2023 Chinese New Year falls on January 22 and many people know it is the year of the Rabbit. Here we would like to discuss some interesting facts related to this.

The Chinese zodiac system has two main components, tian gan (Heavenly Stems) and di zhi (Earthly Branches). The 10 Heavenly Stems are related to the Five Elements, namely, jia and yi (wood), bing and di (fire), wu and ji (earth), geng and xin (metal), and ren and gui (water). The 12 Earthly Branches correspond to 12 animals, that is, zi (rat), chou (ox), yin (tiger), mao (rabbit), chen (dragon), si (snake), wu (horse), wei (goat), shen (monkey), you (rooster), xu (dog), and hai (pig). In addition, each stem or branch also belongs to yin or yang, with odd ones as yang and even ones as yin.

Table 1. Table of Heavenly Stems (tian gan) and Earthly Branches (di zhi)