(Minghui.org) As new infections surged late last year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) abruptly ended its three-year-long zero-COVID policy on December 7, 2022, without any exit plan. Since then, China has been hit with a tsunami of infections and deaths, overwhelming hospitals and crematories.

Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, revealed on January 15 that the pandemic had claimed 400 million lives in China since it broke out three years ago. He also pointed out that the 2003 SARS killed 200 million Chinese.

The CCP and its mouthpiece media have been uncharacteristically quiet after Mr. Li’s revelation of the shocking death toll. It is likely that many CCP members and government officials have begun to realise what is going on – the plague of COVID is targeting members and followers of the CCP.


2003 SARS Preceded by Jiang’s Orders to Eradicate Falun Gong

The CCP is notorious for severe human rights abuse. Among its crimes, the longest and the worst is the suppression of Falun Gong, which has continued since former CCP leader Jiang Zemin launched a nationwide campaign against Falun Gong in July 1999. He vowed to eradicate Falun Gong in three months. Despite the systematic suppression through brutality and defamatory propaganda, however, some officials were not interested in the persecution right from the start, with some sympathetic to the persecution practitioners had suffered.

Under such a circumstance, Jiang’s regime staged the notorious self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square on January 23, 2021, Chinese New Year’s eve. Within two hours, Xinhua News Agency announced to the world in English that there were five “Falun Gong practitioners” who set themselves on fire at Tiananmen Square.

Such a quick announcement was unprecedented given the tight censorship of CCP-controlled media. The evidence confirms that none of the self-immolators were Falun Gong practitioners and that the whole thing was staged. Nevertheless, the CCP was successful at turning public opinion against Falun Gong by broadcasting propaganda against the practice on state-owned media, including TV, print media, and radio stations.

The CCP even included some of the propaganda in textbooks, poisoning young minds. Many Chinese citizens turned against innocent Falun Gong practitioners who simply wanted to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

At the beginning of the suppression, Jiang gave the order to “defame their [Falun Gong practitioners’] reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically.” In 2002, he issued another order to kill practitioners for their organs. At that time, a large number of practitioners went to Beijing to peacefully appeal for Falun Gong.

To avoid implicating their families, employers, local officials, and neighbors, they often refused to reveal their names or addresses. As a result, Jiang and his followers had these practitioners, estimated to be two or three million at the time, sent to secret places and killed on demand for their organs. After being exposed in 2006, this horrific crime of forced organ harvesting of living practitioners was referred to as “a new form of evil on this planet” by independent investigators.

Consequences soon followed. In January 2003, a super-spreader of SARS was admitted by Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital in Guangdong Province – a facility involved in organ harvesting – and infected 30 nurses and doctors, who quickly spread the disease to more areas. Although it was the same type of virus as COVID, the CCP referred to SARS as fei dian (atypical pneumonia) to cover it up. In fact, the CCP also built makeshift hospitals to quarantine SARS patients back then, just as they did with COVID.


Another Wave

Hu Jintao, the CCP’s general secretary between 2002 and 2012, continued the stability maintenance campaign after SARS through the Political and Legal Affairs Committee (PLAC). The persecution of Falun Gong continued–and so did the organ harvesting. Many ordinary citizens chose to remain indifferent to the persecution of Falun Gong and just cared about making money. Corruption was cheered, and there were no moral standards.

Both Zhou Yongkang (Minister of Public Security 2002 – 2007 and Party Secretary of Central PLAC 2007 – 2012) and Bo Xilai (Governor of Liaoning, Minister of Commerce, and Party Secretary of Chongqing) were key perpetrators of the persecution and participants in the organ harvesting.

More consequences soon followed. Both Zhou and Bo were taken down in 2013 for abuse of power and corruption. Then a new wave of the coronavirus broke out in late 2019, which led to the lockdown of Wuhan on January 23, 2020 (two days before the Chinese New Year). The virus belonged to the same family as the 2003 SARS, but the CCP – which now had more clout on the world stage – managed to persuade the WHO to name the virus COVID-19 (the coronavirus disease of 2019). Still, the term “COVID-19” revealed a truth – the pandemic broke out in 2019, not January 23, 2020, when the CCP locked down Wuhan.

Looking back on the timeline:

1) the 2003 SARS outbreak could well have been a consequence of the Tiananmen Square hate propaganda in 2001 and Jiang’s order in 2002 to kill practitioners for their organs.
2) as the CCP didn’t learn its lesson from the 2003 SARS or change its evil nature, the COVID pandemic may well have come as retribution against the CCP for its falsehoods, evil, and class struggle.


Plagues Have Eyes

Across cultures, there was a belief that plagues have eyes and that they target certain populations instead of attacking people randomly. During the religious persecution of the Christians in Ancient Rome, multiple waves of plagues broke out and the Antonine Plague (165 – 180) alone killed 10% of the population at the time. After taking care of the patients, however, some Christians remained uninfected even after they hugged their deceased loved ones hoping to die together.

A similar situation happened in the late Ming Dynasty. Although the plague reached its peak in 1643 – one year before the Dynasty ended – and killed 20% – 25% of the population near the capital city, the disease seemed to spare both the invading Manchu army and the surrendered Ming soldiers.

After the CCP fully opened up the country in December 2022, its attempt to spread the new wave of the pandemic globally failed. The Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy, for example, started to screen passengers from China beginning on December 26. Half of the Chinese passengers tested positive, but they didn’t cause surging infections in Italy.

Most countries did not bar travelers from China, but they were not affected by the latest wave in China. While almost everyone in China got infected after the zero-Covid policy ended, no other countries experienced a similar situation.

Plagues broke out numerous times throughout China’s history, including in the late Han Dynasty, the late Yuan dynasty, the late Ming dynasty, and the late Qing Dynasty. The CCP has killed countless numbers of its people and caused endless tragedies since it seized power in 1949. Furthermore, it has been actively pushing its communist agenda globally by leveraging its strong economic power.

As the CCP is being phased out by history, it is important for those who follow the regime to sever ties with it. Over 400 million Chinese people have renounced membership in the CCP and its two junior organisations (Youth League and Young Pioneers). It is also important for people outside of China to reject the CCP so as to achieve a peaceful and safe society.

This article was written on January 23, 2023, the 22nd anniversary of the CCP’s staged self-immolation incident and the 3rd anniversary of the Wuhan lockdown due to COVID-19.