(Minghui.org) With the lockdown rules being relaxed, Falun Dafa practitioners in India held activities outdoors and candlelight vigils to commemorate July 20, 1999, raising awareness of 23 years of the persecution in China.

As in recent years, practitioners again used social media to publish articles related to July 20, 1999 and call for an end to the 23-year persecution. Around 38 online portals, print media, and TV channels published articles in English and various Indian languages. Blogs on certain reputed English-language websites got sizable views.

A video of the 23-year persecution and how Falun Dafa Practitioners in India observe this day as “Protest Day” was uploaded to YouTube and other social media platforms. The video includes a compilation of photographs and video clips of practitioners engaged in candlelight vigils.

A YouTube video with a song about July 20 in multiple Indian languages, by Falun Dafa India, was put on various social media platforms. In the viewers’ comments, many condemned the persecution and many wanted to know how they could help. Many viewers wanted to know more about the persecution and also learn the exercises.

Participants in the most recent 9-day Lecture sessions held in English and Hindi, which concluded before July 20, were invited to share their experiences online and participate in a candlelight vigil online.