(Minghui.org) The Kangjiashan Prison in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, formed by merging the former Kangjiashan and Yinjia Forced Labor Camps, is a municipal prison under the jurisdiction of Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Justice. It served as a provincial pilot prison in 2012 for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, and its crimes were reported many times on Minghui.org.

From 2014 to 2018, Kangjiashan Prison ranked first in three aspects among prisons in Liaoning Province, namely: no mobile phones for inmates; no accidents in 20 years; and highest transformation rate of Falun Gong practitioners.

According to insiders, in 2014, in order to force the imprisoned practitioners to renounce their faith, the guards once took a group of them to the conference room of the Education Section, where four inmates were assigned to monitor each practitioner and deprive them of sleep. The torture went on for a whole week. When others later checked the bathroom used by the guards and inmates to torture practitioners during that time, blood stain was everywhere on the wall.


Imprisoned Practitioners and Their Terms

According to available statistics, Falun Gong practitioners who were once tortured at Kangjiashan Prison include the following (with their prison terms in parentheses):

Shenyang City: Ai Qingfeng (5 years), Hu Lin (2 years)

Dalian City: Xu Guangzhu (term unknown), Wang Shouchen (4.5 years)

Tieling City: Chen Xinye (4 years), Du Changyin (3 years), Bai Yufu (5 years)

Jinzhou City: Wang Guiling (term unknown), Han Chunlong (4 years), Chen Zaihua (5 years)

Benxi City: Xiang Fuyan (4 years), Zhao Chenglin (4 years), Wang Deqing (4 years)Lü Jinyu (2.5 years)

Fushun City: Wang Xiuguo (7.5 years), Liu Junbo (4 years), Liu Yu (3.5 years),Wang Pengyi (5 years)

Huludao City: Zhang Zhimeng (4.5 years), Gao Wenzhi (4.5 years), Wang Yandong (3 years)

Panjin City: Gao Dong (term unknown), Yi Tiezheng (3 years)

Anshan City: Zhang De (4.5 years)

Chaoyang City: Wang Zhiguo (4 years), Guo Hao (term unknown), Zhao Changfu from Lingyuan (4.5 years)

Fuxin City: Qi Yufu (3 years)

Yingkou City: Song Yuegang (3 years)

Inter-province: Zheng Wei from Bayan County of Heilongjiang Province (3 years),Wang Zhuang from Jiamusi City of Heilongjiang Province (5 years)

Hometown unknown: Liu Hongjun (term unknown)


Corporal Punishment, Violence, Mental Torment Used to Force Falun Gong Practitioners to Renounce Their Faith

According to information collected by Minghui.org, the various means used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in Kangjiashan Prison include the following.

Physical abuse:

– strict monitoring of all their movements around the clock
– frequent beatings
– solitary confinement
– forcing practitioners to sit on small stools for long periods of time, any movement would lead to beating and verbal abuse
– pouring salt water on ulcerated buttocks
– forced intensive labor for long hours
– covering a victim’s head with a plastic bag and blowing cigarette smoke into the bag
– hitting the back of a victim’s head and neck with plastic drink bottles filled with sand
– hitting a victim’s neck artery with a rolled-up magazine
– whipping practitioners’ heads with bamboo sticks
– stabbing their fingertips and heads with toothpicks
– brutal force-feeding of practitioners on hunger strike in protest of persecution– tying to a bed with no movement allowed

Denied basic needs:

– deprivation of food and sleep
– cutting down on drinking water in summer and exposing practitioners to severe cold weather in winter
– restricted use of restroom
– deprivation or restriction of family visitation
– disallowing Falun Gong practitioners to make any phone calls to their family and loved ones
– disallowing inmates to talk to Falun Gong practitioners or any verbal communication between practitioners