(Minghui.org) The Covid-19 pandemic has been raging around the world since it first broke out in late 2019. Despite various measures to battle the disease, new cases continue to grow, even after many people have been fully vaccinated and boosted against the virus. New variants such as Omicron seem to evade vaccine protection and continue to infect people.

This article aims to discuss whether alternative solutions are available to curb the pandemic.


New Cases Continue to Emerge

Figure 1 shows the monthly new cases from January 2020 to February 2022. The new monthly cases increased steadily each month in 2020, from 0 million in January and February to 20 million in December. January 2021 reported slightly fewer new cases (19 million), followed by a sharp decline in February (11 million). The rest of the 2021 data shows several peaks and valleys, with December recording the most cases (26 million). Entering 2022, January saw a record 92 million new cases, followed by 56 million in February.


Figure 1: Monthly new cases in millions (data source: Worldometers.info and statnews.com)