(Minghui.org) Jiangxi Province Women’s Prison has been participating in the persecution of Falun Gong since the Chinese communist regime launched a nationwide campaign against the mind-body practice in 1999. Many female Falun Gong practitioners, one group after another, have been incarcerated there. The prison guards used various methods to torture them and hypocritical ways to deceive them in order to force them to give up their faith. The widely used torture methods are long-time standing and brainwashing.

According to reports available from the Minghui.org website, at least 32 Falun Gong practitioners are currently being detained in the Jiangxi Province Women’s Prison and subjected to torture.

The 32 practitioners are:

  • Nanchang City: Yuan Guoxiang, Jiang Lanying, Yan Jinhua, Deng Guiying, Wan Lihua, Zhang Li, Teng Chaying, Liu Hexiang, Chen Wen, Chen Yulian, Hu Meitao, Cao Genxiu, Gao Yinfeng, and Zhou Rongmei
  • Jiujiang City: Wang Xianghong, Wang Weiqing, Qin Hongying, Li Shuiqing, Yin Xianping, Zhong Xingxiu and Tian Xiangui
  • Yichun City: Xu Genying
  • Ji’an City: Gong Yuxiu
  • Fuzhou City: Luo Jianrong, Yao Aiyoung and Ning Qin
  • Ganzhou City: Li Lanying
  • Yingtan City: Xu Zhenhua, Li Meilian and Wang Yumei
  • Xinyu City: Gao Jufang and Zhang Xiaohong

The five practitioners’ ordeals below provide a glimpse into the crimes committed in the prison.


Still Incarcerated

Nanchang County Woman Sent for Resuscitation

Ms. Chen Yulian of Nanchang County, about 65, had been given forced labor terms twice for a total of 3.5 years and subjected to inhumane torture during detention. She was arrested again in April 2018, and detained in Nanchang City First Detention Centre, where she was verbally abused, hung with handcuffs, and not allowed to purchase necessities.

Ms. Chen was taken to Jiangxi Province Women’s Prison at the end of 2019 to serve an 8-year term. She went on a long-term hunger strike to resist the forced brainwashing. Once a tall and strong person, she became emaciated and could not be recognised. She was on the verge of death and was sent to a hospital for resuscitation. Yet the brainwashing torture resumed once she was taken back to the prison.