Longquanyi Women’s Prison Laced Falun Gong Practitioners’ Food With Unknown Drugs and Drew Their Blood Without Consent

Ms. Zhong from Leshan City, Sichuan Province, was arrested in May 2018 after being reported to the police for telling people about the persecution of her faith. She was sentenced to 3.5 years in Longquanyu Women’s Prison and was released on September 9, 2021.

According to Ms. Zhong, prison wardens Cao Yurong, Wang Jieyan, and Jiang Yuqun were primarily in charge of persecuting practitioners. They instigated inmates Yang Min (convicted for fraud), Liu Wenzhen (a death row inmate), as well as others, to brutally beat practitioners. They also assigned two inmates to monitor each Falun Gong practitioner. The guards and assigned inmates took turns brainwashing practitioners by verbally slandering Falun Gong and its founder, and playing videos defaming the practice.

After she was released, Ms. Zhong recalled being forced to sign guarantee statements five times. Instigated by prison guards, the assigned inmates were allowed to abuse Ms. Zhong and use her money to purchase things for themselves. When Ms. Zhong complained to the wardens, she was subjected to retaliation.

A prison official named Liu Yu also participated in the persecution of Ms. Zhong. She and the prison doctor claimed that Ms. Zhong had diabetes and high blood pressure. The guards then forced Ms. Zhong to take unknown medicines twice a day. Ms. Zhong spit out the medicine at first when no one was watching. Later the guards stopped giving her the medicine after she insisted that she did not suffer from any illness.

However, Ms. Zhong did witness other inmates, including Wang Fuxiang, Shen Xianlian, Liu Xi, and Liu Wenzhen, putting white powder into the food for Ms. Lan Xiaohua and Ms. Chen Zhijun, both Falun Gong practitioners. After eating the food laced with the drug, Ms. Lan and Ms. Chen appeared stolid and showed no response when people talked to them.

Warden Wang Jieyan was the one who ordered the inmates to drug practitioners.

Ms. Zhong was also subjected to involuntary blood tests. A prison doctor drew her blood twice a day every day between September 1 and 7, 2020, collecting a total of 14 blood samples. Authorities continued drawing her blood twice a month until May 2021.

When Ms. Zhong complained to warden Wang about the blood draws, Wang brushed it off as no big deal, saying, “We all need to donate blood. That little bit of blood drawn from you is nothing.”

During that period, prison guards also claimed Ms. Zhong was going to commit suicide, and put her under strict monitoring. Guards also cut Ms. Zhong’s meal to half of the normal amount, and later to only a quarter of the usual amount. As a result, Ms. Zhong lost a lot of weight.

Ms. Zhong said to the prison director one day, “Give me my blood sample. I will have it tested by my relative who is a doctor. If the test shows that I do not have diabetes and high blood pressure, I will sue you.” Afterward, the prison stopped drawing her blood.

Ms. Zhong suspects that the authorities tried to kill her or use her as a subject for organ transplants.