Sweden: Hearing the Facts About the Persecution Helps Awaken People

Aug. 28, 2021 | By a Minghui correspondent in Stockholm

Falun Gong practitioners in Stockholm recently held activities to expose the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) crimes against humanity, and collect signatures to end the persecution of Falun Gong in China. Every Friday and Saturday afternoon through the month of August, they could be found next to the Stockholm Concert Hall.

Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, is the hometown of the famous scientist Alfred Nobel. The annual Nobel Prize awards ceremony is held at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

An open-air farmers market in front of the concert hall, as well as shopping malls and supermarkets in the vicinity, attract many people – locals and tourists – to the area all year round.

The beautiful music and calming exercise demonstrations created a marked contrast to the disturbing information about the persecution shown on display boards. Every time practitioners hold events at the concert hall, passersby often stop to watch the exercise demonstrations, read the information, or speak to practitioners. Many people signed the petition supporting practitioners in their resistance to the CCP’s brutalities.


Falun Gong practitioners held activities next to the Stockholm Concert Hall every Friday and Saturday afternoon in August 2021.


One pedestrian commented that hearing about the persecution makes more people aware of the human rights violations happening in China. He believes that if everyone knows about it, then the world will change. Another person said that one cannot remain silent after learning that the CCP harvests organs from Falun Dafa practitioners and sells them for economic profit. Another passerby remarked that practitioners are doing the most noble thing, and that in the future, people will remember their efforts.


People stopped to watch the exercise demonstrations, read the display boards, and learn more about the persecution.


We Cannot Keep Silent

Sophie, who lives near the city centre, passed by the information booth on Saturday, August 14. After she read the board detailing the organ harvesting, she went to the table to sign the petition.

“I know this is true. A friend who is a doctor told me about it,” she said. “Five years ago, I was very indifferent. I didn’t want to listen to or care about anything. When my friend told me about this, I could not believe my ears. I began to search for information on this topic later on. I read a lot of materials. Now it is as if I have awakened.”

She believes that practitioners should tell people about the organ harvesting crimes and make more people aware of it. “It is extremely important that everyone in society learns about this. When one person understands the truth, he can tell others about it. If everyone knows, the world will change.”

A middle-aged Swedish couple shared the same feelings after reading the display boards. The man said, “I do business in China, and know a little about the situation there. I kept silent in the past, but on this matter [organ harvesting], I cannot remain any longer quiet.” The couple signed the petition to show their support.


People sign the petition calling for an end to the persecution.


I Will Find a Practice Site Upon Returning Home

Three young people passed by on August 21, Saturday afternoon. One of them, a woman, walked up to the table and signed the petition. She then called her companions over to sign the petition too. She told the practitioners they came from Latvia and a family member practices Falun Gong. They all know this is a wonderful mind-body cultivation practice. “I absolutely support Falun Gong!” she said.

The young people hope their signatures will make local governments pay attention to the issue and help stop the atrocities as well as end the CCP sooner.

Sabine, a tourist from Germany, became teary-eyed after hearing about the plight of practitioners in China. She wanted to donate money to help them. Practitioners told her they don’t accept donations but that she could sign the petition to help stop the persecution and spread the truth.

A moment later, Sabine asked her sister who accompanied her on the trip to also sign the petition. Both sisters were keen to learn Falun Gong and accepted a brochure in German. They said they would find a practice site to learn the exercises upon returning home.


Three young tourists from Latvia hope the persecution will end sooner.


People in the Future Will Remember Everything

A retired elderly Swedish man approached the practitioners one Friday afternoon. He had learned about the persecution earlier. He said somewhat excitedly, “You are not ordinary people. You have been telling people about the human rights violations happening in China without asking for anything in return all these years. No one [else] can do this. There is no one like you in society nowadays.”

He believes that practitioners are doing the most noble, remarkable thing. He said he would support Falun Gong forever, and that he admired practitioners greatly.

Before leaving, the man said, “People in the future will remember you for sure. Please keep going!”


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