Adelaide: Falun Dafa Practitioners Hold Experience-Sharing Conference

Sept. 18, 2021 | By Falun Dafa practitioners in South Australia

Falun Dafa practitioners in South Australia held an experience-sharing conference in the South Australian capital Adelaide on September 12, 2021. The event was held in a hall in Fullarton, a suburb of Adelaide. A total of nine veteran and new practitioners spoke about their recent experiences and shared touching stories about their Falun Dafa cultivation.


Clarifying the Truth in Rural Areas During the Pandemic

Mr. Yu spoke of his experience distributing Dafa informational materials in Southern Australian towns and villages. He said that in January this year, practitioners formed a small group, drove to rural areas, and put English information about Falun Gong in every family’s letter boxes or outside their front doors. They have been doing this for over eight months and delivered 55,000 newspapers. They left after 3 a.m., braving the scorching summer heat and cold winter mornings.

“It was pouring the few days we were in Port Lincoln,” said Mr. Yu, a city over 700 km from Adelaide. Everyone took part and bought rain gear. We dropped off the newspapers whenever the rain stopped and distributed the information to every household in Port Lincoln. On the last day, the rain stopped and the sky cleared by the time we had left Dafa materials in every letterbox–a bright sun appeared. On the way back home, we saw a magnificent halo in the sky.”

He continued: “We purchased four electric bicycles to speed things up. After riding for the whole day, our muscles were aching. I personally think that we are able to continue on this project until today thanks to our belief in Dafa and having achieved a good cultivation state.”

Ms. Chen, a veteran practitioner, helped us distribute newspapers in Port Lincoln. “Initially,” she said, “I was deterred by the thought of the long distance plus my old age. Usually I handed out newspapers for only half a day, but this time I had to do it for several days. It was my fear of hardship and attachment to comfort. My family member who is also a practitioner said I shouldn’t miss such an opportunity. Indeed, how can I expect things to be easy when it comes to saving people?

“We worked well with each other for more than three days. Practitioners arranged everything well and cooperated with each other. Every time we returned to our lodging after distributing the papers, we quickly got warm. Then, we studied the Fa and did the exercises. I felt I had ample time and quickly regained my energy. It seemed as if Master was constantly looking after us.”

Mr. Ma is a young practitioner who recently caught up in Fa rectification. He realised he should treasure the opportunity to practice cultivation during this historic time. He became more at peace and no longer felt affected by mundane and troublesome things that disturbed him before. He was able to refrain from flying into a temper when disciplining his kids, and he remained calm when treated unkindly.

He also spoke about letting go of the attachment to comfort. He joined practitioners when they went to rural areas to distribute materials early in the morning.

One time, he sprained his ankle. Despite the pain, the first thought that came to his mind was Master’s teaching, “We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

“I am fine,” he thought. “I am clarifying the truth and my leg will be all right because I have to finish my delivery this afternoon.” When he moved, he felt that his leg no longer hurt. It was as if his leg was submerged in hot water; it felt hot and things went back to normal after the heat slowly dissipated. He was amased by the power of Dafa.

Mr. Ma said, “I cannot let Master down. I must practice cultivation diligently going forward, do the three things well, and walk my cultivation path well.”


Falun Dafa practitioner in Adelaide sharing his experiences with the audience.


Getting Rid of the Attachment to Comfort

Ms. Wen, who has lived in Australia for nine years, shared her experience of moving to different places for work, tempering herself during ups and downs in life, and gradually maturing in cultivation.

Her employer sent her to work in a Southeast Asian country, where she led a trouble-free life for several years. She slacked off in cultivation. She hardly joined practitioners overseas in activities to raise awareness about the persecution in China. After obtaining an immigration visa for Australia, she first came to Adelaide. She met practitioners clarifying the truth while shopping in Chinatown.

She joined the local Epoch Times media office and started proofreading and translating news articles, as well as designing ads. She then moved on to other roles, such as laying out the paper, managing documents, and delivering newspapers. On top of that, she had a busy job. It was as if she went from a comfortable world to a world of hardships.

Ms. Wen continued to translate news reports for the Chinese Epoch Times despite subsequent changes in her job and living environment. She realised that she was benefiting all along in the process. She said: “Due to reading the news, I gained an understanding of Australian society. My language skills improved as I translated the articles and my character grew stronger when I overcame difficulties. I was able to fulfill my vows through my involvement in Dafa projects. It is our compassionate Master, who, through his suffering, helps us in our cultivation and saving sentient beings.”


Clarifying the Truth to Mainstream Society

Ms. Zhang is a young practitioner who followed her parents in practicing cultivation from youth. She shared that she found cultivation challenging at times but more often, she felt joy after making progress and seeing sentient beings saved. Most importantly, she felt Master was always beside her, looking after her and giving her hints.

With a full-time job, it seemed she could not find time to clarify the truth to politicians. However, Ms. Zhang said she overcame her laziness and joined this project. When she told her manager she needed to take time off to tell a Member of Parliament about the persecution in China, her manager said at once, “Good job!”

Ms. Zhang talked about a recent experience attending a talk given by a Federal Member of Parliament. The official picked her question during the Q&A session. She thus had the opportunity to speak. Everyone present listened quietly, and the official said he would read the information he was given carefully and planned to learn more about Falun Gong. Several people asked about the practice after the event. Ms. Zhang and the practitioner who was with her took the opportunity to clarify the truth. After the event, the practitioner successfully got an appointment to meet the official a second time and tell him more.

Ms. Zhang concluded in her speech, “I feel that everything is done by Master. We only need to open our mouths and move our legs. Master has prepared everything for us!”


Doing Well in a Media Project After Finding the Right Starting Point

Ms. Lu shared her experience in starting a media project. Her jealousy, tendency to show off, vanity and more attachments were exposed. These hindered her improvement in cultivation and prevented the project from moving forward. Through studying the Fa diligently and reading the Falun Dafa teachings, she found her righteous thoughts.

She shared that when she realised that she had to get rid of her jealousy, she saw many virtues in the practitioner she used to be jealous of. She also saw that she only had certain skills in editing and needed to improve in the areas of news insights and script writing. When she let go of her jealousy, the fatigue and anxiety she felt when producing videos disappeared. She felt enveloped by a warm sensation once again. She no longer focuses on what she needs to do and instead attends basic training in media without pursuit of reputation.


Falun Dafa practitioner sharing her positive effects on her character and life by following the techings of Falun Dafa.


Becoming More Diligent in Cultivation

Kon, a Vietnamese practitioner, said that he was very inspired and encouraged by practitioners’ sharing. He gained a lot from observing how everyone formed one body and worked hard on truth-clarification projects.

“There is no limit to the level you can attain in cultivation,” he said. “I learned a lot from veteran practitioners’ sharing, how to truly look within, get rid of one’s attachments, and constantly wanting to awaken people’s conscience. I must seize the time to do the three things Master asked us to do. I also learned how to write a sharing article from attending this conference. The next time, I must write a sharing too.”

Other practitioners said they felt the speaker’s resolve in eliminating attachments and cherishing the opportunity to practice cultivation and save people. They said they would not let Master down.


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