Shen Yun Returns to the Stage, Bringing Hope in a World of Uncertainty

June 30, 2021 | By Yu Ziling

After months of waiting, fans of Shen Yun finally saw the show return to the stage at the Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut on June 26, 2021, marking the beginning of the 2021-2022 Shen Yun Tour season.

The magnificent and beautiful performance has brought happiness and inspiration to audiences worldwide. Stricken with the pandemic and troubled by uncertainties in the world, many now have an even greater appreciation for Shen Yun and have gained a deeper understanding of its divine inner meaning, compassionate message, and powerful energy.

Primarily through word of mouth, Shen Yun has become a must-see for Western mainstream audiences who appreciate elegant art and a return to tradition. Through Shen Yun performances, many people have found insights into the meaning of life, the best path forward for mankind, and hope for the future.

After the June 26 performance, several audience members talked about the impact of the show.

Julie Mangone, a hotel sales manager, remarked that the performance highlighted the importance of divinity and that people need to know of the existence of higher-level beings. She said she believes that mankind came from the Creator and that evolution or atheism is incorrect. She feels that these are important messages that are necessary for people to understand, nowadays more than ever.

Kimchi Moyer, a natural health expert, feels that the compassionate energy from Shen Yun can awaken people and bring hope for a brighter future. She said the show conveyed enlightening messages and revealed what is going on in this world, something she believes will awaken people after they see all of it unfolding.


Shen Yun performance at the Palace Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut, on June 26, 2021


Adel Mansilla, another audience member, said she was impressed by the kindness displayed in the show. The show helps “to make sure that this bad side never wins inside of us…[and] that the goodness they [the performers] show—to keep it inside of me and make the conscious choice that I don’t want to be with the bad forces.”

She was also moved by the dedication of the Shen Yun artists. “They’re doing so much to show it to us, to inspire…this authentic purity,” she explained. “How can I come home and be mad about things? I can’t…I feel like I’m responsible now to continue what they gave us. They gave it with so much effort.”

Glenn Rowe, a professor of business strategy in Ontario, Canada, said he resonated with the message of faith. “I really appreciated the storylines and I liked the message of faith. Atheism is wrong and evolution is wrong,” he said. “I think it’s sad that this show won’t be seen in China.”

Renny Way, an attorney in New York, said he learned many important messages from the performance. For example, there are commonalities among people from around the world and they are paying attention to the same issues – caring about others, life and death, and divinity. He feels that the understanding of the divine is basically the same across cultures. His wife Candace concurred. She said praying to the divine as shown in the different Shen Yun dance pieces shows faith in love, in the divine, and in sharing the good times and the bad times.

Accountant Alejandra Paz said she saw hope from the performance. The show was full of hope, she emphasised. Just as it was stated in one of the songs, by returning to tradition, we will find our true selves.

Retired engineer Alfred Camerino said he believed in the existence of the Creator after watching the performance. “We are all the same, coming from the Creator,” he explained.


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