A Wonderful Thing Happened When I Changed My Thought

By Xiaojie, a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

For the past two to three months I had pinched nerve pain in my left leg, making it difficult to cross my legs in the full-lotus position for the sitting meditation. I looked inward but couldn’t find the root cause. I knew that in many ways I did not meet the standard of the Fa, but the pain did not go away. I felt quite helpless.

I tried to meditate in the morning, but I could not pull my left leg up. At first, I thought, “Maybe I can sit in the half-lotus position. But what if I feel worse tomorrow and can only get my legs to cross loosely? I shouldn’t think that way, otherwise I will continue to slip in my practice.”

Another thought came to my mind soon after:

“Am I willing to endure the pain for the beings in my world?” I answered “Yes.”

Then I asked myself, “If I could forbear one extra second , would I be willing to give it all?” And my answer was, “Yes” again.

I was able to pull my left leg up after a few seconds. It felt good, and I straightened my body. The pain was gone and I felt wonderful! My leg was normal after an hour of meditation.

I realised that when I had a selfless thought and did things for the sake of all beings, then I had met the standard of the Fa, and the power of Dafa was revealed to me. It was like Master said in “Born Anew” (Hong Yin),

“… And human notions change,The degenerate things purged,Brightness now shines forth.” 


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