Hon. Senator Eric Abetz: CCP “Needs to be Condemned”

Federal Senator and Chair of the Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Legislation Committee, Hon. Eric Abetz, was interviewed by China Uncensored on December 21, 2020.

Abetz said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dictatorship “needs to be condemned, and we cannot in a civilized world seek to turn a blind eye to such an ugly, repressive regime.” He held that Australians should call the CCP out and hold it accountable.

Abetz explained, “The values of the dictatorship are in complete contrast to those values that we hold in Australia and in the United States. For that matter, among the freedom loving countries of the world, we have to take a stand. And if we don’t, we do a great disservice to all those people that are currently in concentration camps and prisons under the Chinese dictatorship. So yes, we should be condemning the regime, calling them out, and bringing them to account.”


Pandemic Opened Peoples’ Eyes to CCP Dictatorship

Abetz said the pandemic “opened the eyes of many people within Australia, but also all around the world, to the sort of behaviors and manipulations that the Chinese dictatorship engaged in.” He called for free countries to stand in solidarity against the CCP’s intimidation.

“I think the coronavirus issue changed things on a number of fronts. One, Australia’s calling for an international investigation, saw the eye of the dictatorship focused on Australia. They’ve come out with all the quite bizarre assertions: It started in Italy, then it started in the United States, then it came into China via Australian beef.” Abetz said the CCP’s faced no consequences for its fabricated stories because China does not have a free press.

“The other thing that I think concerns a lot of Australians and the people around the world is how the dictatorship was able to instantly manipulate the World Health Organisation (WHO) and [its director-general] Dr. Tedros to put out the propaganda in relation to the coronavirus.

“First of all, we were told that it was not communicable between people, that it was racist to close down borders. And now, you ask where on earth did all this misinformation come from?

All traceable back to the Chinese dictatorship that was in denial. Because of the denial and the propaganda being swallowed by the World Health Organisation, we now have a crisis around the world.”


Freedom Countries Will Stand United

“Keeping in mind, this is a dictatorship that has one million of its own people in concentration camps, that imprisons people because they are house Christians, because they are Falun Gong practitioners, because they support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. This is a brutal regime that, in fact, engages in organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience. It is a regime worthy of condemnation,” Abetz said.

He clarified that calling out the oppressor on behalf of the oppressed is not racist. “What is racist is trying to knock out the Uighurs from Xinjiang province, where the concentration camps are, and the other repressions the regime is undertaking. That is racist.”

“What this belligerent dictatorship seeks to do is intimidate. And that is why in recent times, I’ve called for all the freedom loving countries of the world to come together and say: Enough is enough. Chinese dictatorship, we will not allow you to try to pick us off one by one, but the freedom loving countries will stand united in solidarity with each other.”