Gratitude to the Founder of Falun Dafa from Practitioners in Melbourne, Australia on Thanksgiving Day

For supporting Falun Dafa and its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, a man was blessed and quickly recovered from a three-day coma caused by diabetes.

Following the principles of Falun Dafa, a young mother gained peace of mind and strength, both physically and mentally, to take good care of her two boys and raise a happy family.

Inspired by the profound teachings of Falun Dafa, a teenage girl learned how to maintain a pure heart in this world of uncertainty. By staying away from bad habits and helping others, she maintains a positive mind and found the joy of self-improvement.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving in the U.S., the above individuals in Melbourne joined a melody that praises Falun Dafa and its founder Mr. Li Hongzhi.


A Miracle That Surprised Medical Workers

English teacher Jansin Goldring has practiced Falun Dafa for 19 years. She shared a miraculous story that happened to her husband Peter.

Last August, Peter went on a trip in Europe on his own. It was hot and humid on the train. Several days later, Jansin received a phone call from a hospital in Prague. Peter had fallen into a coma because of his diabetes, and he was in the intensive care unit (ICU). “The doctors were very worried because they had never seen any patient with such a high blood sugar level,” Jansin recalled.

Three days later, Peter regained consciousness and the medical staff was happy to find all his internal organs were just fine. Because he was still weak, the attending physician prescribed insulin injections. “You are lucky to have survived,” he said, “but you will need insulin the rest of your life.”

Within three days, however, Peter regained his health and was ready to be discharged by the hospital. When asked by the surprised nurse what was the secret of his quick recovery, Peter said it was Falun Dafa.

Throughout the years, although Peter was not really a practitioner, he nonetheless supported Jansin’s participation in activities promoting Falun Dafa. Occasionally, he also joined the group exercises and studied Falun Dafa books.

Peter’s nurse immediately went online to find information about Falun Dafa and how to get started learning it.

For Peter, he returned to Melbourne soon afterwards and has been healthy since then. After a recent physical examination, his doctor was amazed by the test results since there was no sign that he had been a diabetic patient previously. He did not expect that someone with a serious diabetes history like Peter could recover so well. Based on this experience, someone who remained in a coma for three days would have needed insulin his entire life.

“I am so lucky because my wife is a Falun Dafa practitioner and she often tells me how to achieve true health,” replied Peter, “She always reminds me to keep in mind ‘Falun Dafa is good’ and ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’.”

Jansin said this is just one of many miracles she had witnessed over the years. “That is why we are so grateful to Falun Dafa and Master Li for everything,” she explained.


Jansin and Peter joined a car tour on the recent weekend calling to stop the brutal persecution in China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).


A Worry-Free Mother

Marie is a young mother with two boys: 5-year-old Xavier and 3-year-old Ben. Both of them are lovely and naughty. She is expecting her third child.

Because of her poor health, Marie always felt fatigued all the time. She said that had it not been for Falun Dafa, she would never have been able to juggle so many things required of taking care of her family.

Marie credits Falun Dafa for returning her to health and giving her the inner strength and wisdom to face life’s challenges. With negative feelings left behind, she is now open-minded, happy, and a loving mother and wife.

Through reading Zhuan Falun, she learned the importance of remaining calm. As she strove to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and look within to improve herself, she found a different, better, and a great life in front of her.

But it took time to get where she is today. When her boys cried and made a fuss during the day – and sometimes over the night – she used to yell at them. Later on, she changed and managed to keep calm. Although she always reminded herself before getting angry, there were still instances when she raised her voice.

“Whenever that happened, I would look inward to see how I could have done better,” Marie explained, “Meanwhile, I would remind them not to do it again and explain why.”

Her kindness also changed the children. Both of them are able to read Falun Dafa books, be considerate of others, and forgive others. “We also do sitting mediation together before sleep. This helps them relax and fall asleep easily,” she added, “Even during the pandemic, I am not worried because I know they will be fine.”

Marie said she is indebted to Falun Dafa for all these and is always touched by the compassion from Master Li.


Gratitude from Marie, a young mother, and two children


A Teenage Girl Who Knows Her Path

Violet Thodori, 14, grew up in a family of Falun Dafa practitioners. Like her younger sister, she learned how to apply Falun Dafa principles to her daily life. That includes telling good from bad and knowing what she should and should not do.

“My mother often explains that my name Violet means grace, elegance, and purity, without being tainted by the surroundings – just like what a Falun Dafa practitioner should do,” she explained.

Her parents also discussed with her their understandings of the Falun Dafa teachings. For example, having a peaceful mind, being honest, and having a good bearing are all important. As a result, Violet is kind and respectful of others. “From my mother, I also learned how to do cleaning and cooking, and traditional values,” she added, “We always eat together at the dinner table.”

Moving into her teenage years, Violet found that many of her peers had developed lots of bad habits: dirty words, arguing with others, talking back to parents, addiction to electronics, and others. While staying away from these behaviors, she often helps others when needed and shares with them how the Falun Dafa principles help her cope with teen problems. In addition, she does not feel stressed as her classmates and friends do, and her grades in school are very good. One time, the school principal praised her in front of all the students for her good manners, willingness to help others, and courage to challenge herself to try new things.

Because of the pandemic, Violet is having school at home like other students. One time one of her teachers asked everyone to write an essay describing their feelings of staying at home amidst the pandemic. The teacher was impressed by the positive attitude and stable mindset shown in Violet’s essay, and she said she learned a lot from Violet.

“I know it’s not me who is special – it is because of Falun Dafa,” Violet said, “That is why I am always so thankful.”


Violet Thodori (first from right), her younger sister, and her parents are all Falun Dafa practitioners.