Helsinki, Finland: Learning Falun Dafa at Education Expo

Falun Dafa practitioners in Finland hosted a booth at Educa Helsinki, the largest teaching and education exhibition in the country on January 26 and 27. With over 300 vendors and about 18,000 visitors, this two-day event is a major training venue for teachers and principals.

A large number of spectators stopped at the Falun Dafa booth. Some learned the exercises and some planned to invite practitioners to give presentations in their schools.


Attendees of Educa Helsinki learn the Falun Dafa exercises from practitioners.


Martta, a teacher, had already heard about Falun Dafa. After signing a petition condemning the persecution in China, she looked through the information to learn more. Pointing to a photo of a local group doing the exercises together, she said one of the practitioners was a former student of hers. She also talked to the practitioners at the booth about them coming to give a presentation at her school.

One woman stayed for a long time reading brochures and learning the exercises.

“As I passed by the booth, I saw this place surrounded by golden light and felt very happy. I just knew I had to learn this,” she said.