Police to Shenyang Practitioner: ‘We Will Take Your Body Parts’

A Shenyang woman was arrested twice because she practiced Falun Gong.

Police threatened that her internal organs would be removed without her consent when she was detained. When they tried to send her to a detention centre, she was rejected because of poor health.

She was arrested again in 2015 and put on trial. She told the judge that she would never give up her practice.

Threatened While in Police Custody

Ms. Wang Li was arrested on November 2, 2012 for her practice. Police ransacked her home the same day and confiscated Falun Gong related materials. She was taken to the local police station.

While in custody, Ms. Wang asked the police where they planned to take her. No one answered her directly but one said, “We will take your body parts—first your liver and your kidney, then your heart.”

The police sent her to the Shenyang Detention Centre, but she was not accepted. She was released on medical parole because of her poor health.

To avoid further persecution, Ms. Wang left her home in February of 2013. She was forced to leave behind elderly parents and her daughter. Police came to her home several times to harass and question her family about her whereabouts.

Second Arrest

Ms. Wang was arrested again at her apartment on November 24, 2015. Her place was ransacked and all of her Falun Gong related materials were taken away.

Police tried to send her to the detention centre the next day, but she failed the health examination again. She was released, but placed under house arrest.

Refusal to Give up Faith

Ms. Wang was called in to the Heping District Procuratorate on May 11, 2016. Judge Zhao Jingyu asked her to verify her case materials. She proclaimed her innocence and refused to sign the documents.

She told the judge the facts about Falun Gong. “I am innocent,” she said, “and I will continue to practice Falun Gong.”

The Heping District notified her on May 23 of her indictment. She went but proclaimed her innocence again, and did not sign the indictment documents.

The trial was held on September 1.