Seen in Other Dimensions: Do Not Forsake All That Master Does For Us

I am a 70-year-old practitioner who has not received a high education. I would like to share what I’ve seen through my celestial eye recently, which shows the tremendous endurance, giving, expectations, and hopes of our Master. My purpose is to encourage fellow practitioners to take the Fa as the teacher, and cultivate diligently. The time for us is really limited.

A while ago, I saw the following through my celestial eye while meditating. Master was sitting in the double lotus position. On the top of his head was the pressure from the old forces and karma from all the practitioners. It appeared that Master was enduring great pain. I heard a voice saying, “End it.” Master answered, “Let’s wait.” I cried, and felt very sad.

Recently, while meditating I saw something again through my celestial eye. Master was sitting in the double lotus position with an enormous body and tears on his face. I saw that I, as a tiny child, was sitting on Master’s leg, I looked up at Master, wanting to wipe off the tears. But my body was too small to reach Master’s face. I cried too, feeling very sad.

From this, I realized that many practitioners have not sufficiently improved themselves in the Fa through cultivation. They haven’t met the criteria that they are supposed to meet. Yet the time that remains is very limited. The number of sentient beings that we have saved is far from what Master wants. Master is sadly waiting.

A few days ago, I saw the following while meditating. I was running with a fellow practitioner hand in hand. All of sudden, two giant ladders showed up in front of us. We each climbed up one. As we were climbing, the fellow practitioner’s ladder suddenly shook (in real life, this practitioner has problems in the aspect of respecting Master and the Fa, and was facing some xinxing tests.) I told him, “Don’t be scared. Hold the ladder tightly. Let’s ascend to Heaven together.”

Each rung of the ladder was a different level of Heaven. We went through many layers of heavens. As we were about to reach the top, my head was in one layer of Heaven while my feet were in a lower layer. I pushed hard, and went through the layers. Then I saw that the fellow practitioner was stuck in between the two layers. I pulled him up.

After going through that layer, I saw another scene, a big boat, about to set off. A voice said, “Wait up.” Then I saw many doors open, behind which were imprisoned practitioners. I also saw an elderly practitioner writing something with a brush. I asked him, “What are you writing?” He said, “Dafa disciples are about to return to their own positions.” I asked whether there are certain criteria to return. He said, “Take the Fa as teacher. Practitioners will return to their position according to their xinxing level.”

Fellow practitioners, please do not betray Master’s benevolent salvation that started millions of years ago. Hurry up and cultivate diligently. Master is waiting for us. Do not miss this rare opportunity in history.

Editor’s note: This is what an older practitioner saw through his celestial eye. Practitioners should take the Fa as the teacher. Everybody has the sense that Master’s tone was very serious in Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference and Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference. Perhaps the real situation is even more serious.

Day after day, Master has endured greatly for us. Thus, those who haven’t done well are still being given chances to catch up, and sentient beings who haven’t been saved are still being given opportunities to be saved. We hope that fellow practitioners will cherish these chances. Cultivation is serious. Don’t miss this chance again.

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