Cherish Shen Yun

Thanks to honourable Master’s care, it will be exactly 10 years since Shen Yun Performing Arts has performed in Boston city.

Master said in 20th Anniversary Fa Teaching, “I will tell you: cherish the path that you have travelled and what you’ve done, cherish all of the time you’ve spent validating the Fa. What has passed shall never return.”

There is a Chinese businessman who walks by the Shen Yun ticket sale booth at the Burlington Mall in Boston almost every day. Whenever this gentleman got close to the ticket sale booth, he would always politely greet the salespersons at the booth. In the past seven or eight years, we have tried to persuade this gentleman to buy Shen Yun show tickets to see the show, but this man would always come up with some excuse and refuse our recommendations. Last year, this gentleman appeared in the front of the ticket booth once again but this time accompanied by his daughter. The father and daughter started to argue about whether they should see the show. I said to the man, “Stop arguing now. Why don’t you go see the show yourself?” In the end, the gentleman agreed to buy a ticket. In September of this year, I ran into this gentleman again inside the Burlington Mall where I was helping promote ticket sales for the Shen Yun Orchestra performance. I asked the man about his experience watching the Shen Yun show, to which he immediately replied, “I was shocked! Nothing can compare with it!” I then continued to ask, “What do you think about those programs that were related to Falun Gong?” The man became serious and said, “It is a mistake to treat Falun Gong in such a manner in Mainland China right now. It is not fair. It is absolutely not right!”

Last weekend, I ran into a Chinese person at a grocery store. I said to him, “Chinese people in China are not able to see the Shen Yun show right now…” The man interrupted me immediately, “Pretty soon, the case of Falun Gong will be readdressed.” Another Chinese lady came over and took a Shen Yun flyer from me, she uttered, “Shen Yun is an upscale culture.”

In the year of 2013, I ran into an interesting lady while helping promote the Shen Yun show. The lady said to me, “I used to have bad health. I was always stressed, I felt lots of pain, and I was dizzy very often. I had to be medicated on a regular basis. Three years ago I got a chance to see the Shen Yun show. Wow, the show was so beautiful. I had never experienced such relaxation, and I felt so comfortable. After the show, I stopped my medications and physical therapy. Whenever I felt terrible, I would close my eyes and imagine that I was sitting in a theatre watching the Shen Yun show. I would imagine the curtains rising, the lights, the music, the costumes, the backdrop and all the colors. I would calm down, forget what was going on around me and become completely intoxicated in the enjoyment of the Shen Yun show. When I open my eyes, the pains in my body would be all gone. It has been three years now since I stopped taking in any medicine. I do not get to see the Shen Yun show frequently as I do not have enough money, but I know how to enjoy the show in my mind.”

Two years ago, I met a high profile gentleman who approached me and asked, “I just watched the Shen Yun show. It was so amazing and just incredible. I have been searching for the artistic director of the show for a while, but I simply cannot find who it is. Do you know who the director of the show is?”

Master once wrote down the following phrase on a blackboard in the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre: “Shen Yun is hope, Falun Dafa is good.”

Inside this year’s program book for the Shen Yun show, people will get to know Master’s image and title as the director for the first time. This is clearly a hint to the people around the world as well as Dafa practitioners.

Even though promoting Shen Yun to the public has been very demanding throughout these years, Master has nonetheless continuously helped me eliminate all kinds of confusions in my mind. As a result, my mind is becoming clearer and clearer. I have gradually come to realize that as long as I place Master at the very top, I can always genuinely jump out of my own egotism and experience the power of Falun Dafa.

I have also noticed that when we are clarifying the truth to the public, most people will only start to develop disgust towards the CCP and become sympathetic towards Falun Gong. The Shen Yun show is a completely different story. After watching the show, most people immediately understand the evil of the CCP and learn about the brutality of the persecution against Falun Gong. Mostly importantly people experience the compassion and power of Falun Dafa. They are shocked and show their ultimate respect to Falun Dafa. Shen Yun is tantamount to Master’s personal teachings to the public. It is the fastest way to save people, it can cover a very large group of people in a very short period of time and it is the most thorough way of saving people!

Every year when we start to promote Shen Yun to the public, the battles between good and evil in the other dimensions become very ferocious. The evil simply does not want people to see the show. They drag them down, they make people fall ill, the weather becomes challenging, certain fellow practitioners start to slack off, etc.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference, “At every show put on by Divine Performing Arts, there were many audience members who shed tears throughout, with many more having to constantly wipe tears from their eyes. Every show was like that. People were deeply stirred and moved. In this dimension it was young people who were performing, while in other dimensions, many of my Law Bodies and many divine beings were doing so. (Applause) The strength of the impact on people, as with the changes it caused in them, were very similar to what happened back when I personally taught the Fa early on. (Applause) So it has effected tremendous changes in people.”

Master said again in Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference, “As many as that may be, after watching the performance over ninety percent who attend have a change of attitude toward Dafa, and they become clear about what that evil Party is; the people become completely positive. Effecting change in that many people all at once like that would be really hard to achieve simply by clarifying the truth. Just think about how many Dafa disciples it would take, all clarifying the truth in sync, to achieve that? Of course, that’s not to say that our media haven’t had a large impact. Rather, it’s that right now nothing but a Shen Yun performance can have an impact as big and instantaneous as I’ve described.”

Let’s all cherish the upcoming 2016 Shen Yun Performing Arts show!

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