Head of Guangdong Medical School Indicted, Suspected of Involvement in Illicit Organ Trade

Jiang Wenfu, former head of Guangdong Medical school was removed from office in January 2016 for alleged “serious violations of discipline”. According to Chinese state-run media, an investigation into his activities was initiated in February.

Falun Gong practitioners revealed that Jiang Wenfu has closely followed the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) policy of persecuting them. Two medical schools that he previously headed were deeply involved in the organ harvesting and trade.

Jiang Wenfu was the head of the CCP Committee at the Southern Medical University (the former First Military Medical University) from 2004 to 2007. He was also head of the CCP Committee at Guangdong Medical School from 2010 until he was removed from office in January 2016.

State-sanctioned organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners was first exposed in 2006. Growing evidence shows that medical institutions in 221 Chinese cities in 22 provinces and five autonomous regions have been deeply involved. This non-consensual organ harvesting is just one way Falun Gong practitioners are persecuted in China. The Minghui website published several reports on the roles that the two aforementioned medical schools have played.

More than 20 individuals from three hospitals associated with the Southern Medical University are believed to be involved in organ harvesting.

Zhou Jie, the chief of Hepatobiliary Surgery Department at Southern Hospital has conducted 200 liver transplant surgeries since 2004, and Lin Minzhuan, chief of the Zhujiang Organ Transplant Center at the First Military Medical University, has conducted nearly 2000 kidney transplants.

The Southern Medical University-associated hospitals have conducted 6900 kidney transplants until July 2009. The sources of these organs are suspicious.

According to anesthetist Peng Xuemei at Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital, the organs used for transplants conducted in her hospital have multiple sources.

“Many kidneys come from the Southern Hospital. They told us that there are ‘ways’ to obtain these organs, but said they cannot tell us the details, because they are secret. You cannot talk about it in public” Peng said.

The Southern Hospital is the First Associated Hospital of the Southern Medical University.

Retired professors from Southern Medical University have also guided organ transplant surgeries at small local hospitals.

For example, with their help, Taiping People’s Hospital in Dongguan City has conducted more than 1000 kidney transplants. In the first three months of 2006 alone, they conducted 300 such surgeries.

Six hospitals associated with Guangdong Medical School have also allegedly been involved in the organ harvesting, according to Minghui reports.

As a head at these institutions, Jiang Wenfu allegedly oversaw and directed the organ harvesting and transplants conducted at Southern Medical University and Guangdong Medical School. Further details are expected to be revealed as the investigations go deeper.

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