Pre-Olympic attacks on Falun Gong continue in Sydney

SYDNEY (19/06/08) – In the run up to the Olympics, Falun Gong practitioners in
Australia and other countries including Japan, Poland and the US have become the
victim of violent attacks instigated by Chinese officials.

At least five Sydney Falun Gong practitioners have reported recent verbal and
physical attacks in public by pro-communist Chinese on different occasions because
of their beliefs.
In one case, 60-year old Mrs Ma received a death threat while at a human rights
display at the popular Chinese tourist site, Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. “I want
to kill you,” said a Chinese bus driver to Mrs Ma, who was also physically
assaulted by the man. Similar incidents have been reported in Sydney’s Chinatown
and outside a student college. Mrs Ma said the attacks reminded her of the Cultural
Revolution in China.

These local incidents began around the same time as hundreds of pro-communist
Chinese surrounded and physically and verbally accosted and threatened Falun Gong
practitioners at a gathering in Flushing, New York, US, on May 17. The well-organised
assaults and harassment in New York have continued daily, with police arrests
of a number of the attackers.

In a recorded phone conversation New York City’s Chinese Consul General, Mr Peng
Keyu confirmed his role in organising the hate crimes: “They [overseas Chinese
community leaders] came over after they fought with Falun Gong and I shook hands
with them one by one and thanked them”, he said. An English transcript of
the conversation available here:
“Like similar incidents overseas recently, it is most likely that these attacks
here in Australia are also pre-meditated, organised and trace back to Beijing
as many Chinese student organisations and provincial associations are known to
be linked to, and mobilised, by communist authorities in Beijing,” said Sydney
Falun Gong spokesperson, Kay Rubacek. “It must be made clear to the Chinese
regime that inciting hatred is completely unacceptable in Australia.”

The incidents have been reported to local authorities who are investigating the
matter. The assault victims are available for interviews and photos of some assailants
are also available upon request.

Posting date: 19/June/2008
Original article date: 18/June/2008
Category: Media Release


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