FDI: Chinese Consul General Boasts of Organizing Violent Mob against Falun Gong in New York

Assailants Arrested as Mob Surrounds, Assaults Falun Gong

NEW YORK – The Falun Dafa Information Center has obtained a
recorded phone conversation with New York City's Chinese Consul General, Mr.
Peng Keyu, in which he confirms his role in organizing a mob of several-hundred
Chinese immigrants to assail Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing, New York,
over the past four days.

The recording was made on Thursday May 22 by an undercover
investigator and lasts for 5 minutes and 7 seconds. During the conversation,
Peng appears to boast of his involvement, saying “Oh indeed, we have done it.”

“They [overseas
Chinese community leaders] came over after they fought with
Falun Gong and I shook hands with them one by one and thanked

— Keyu Peng, New York Consul General for the People's
Republic of China

Consul General Peng continues, offering some details of the event: “I went there
[the site in Flushing where the mob was harassing Falun Gong practitioners] the
day before yesterday, and also three days ago, because we have to be very
careful with this kind of thing!,” Peng told the investigator, whom he
apparently believed to be an admirer. “Otherwise, people will say the Chinese
consulate is behind it, agitating people. Some [Chinese community leaders] were
among the crowd and they talked to me afterwards… Because I showed up at the
scene, everyone was very excited.”

During the four days of harassment and violence, several
adherents of Falun Gong, including U.S. and Canadian citizens were physically
assaulted by the pro-communist crowds. Others received direct threats on their
lives. (news) At least two arrests have been made by Queens
police, who also arranged a police van to safely transport Falun Gong adherents
from the area on Wednesday for fear they would be followed by members of the

“We were surrounded by hundreds of people yelling and cursing
at us, and even threatening to kill us because we are Falun Gong” said Scott
Chinn, a Falun Gong practitioner and New York City resident who witnessed the
scene on Tuesday.

Falun Dafa Information Center spokesperson, Ms. Gail Rachlin
says the actions of the mob constitute a hate crime. “In this country, when you
see a mob like that attacking a group, beating people and saying things like
'we'll kill you Falun Gong,' it's a hate crime. The fact that it's occurring
openly on the streets of New York City and instigated by a foreign Communist
government is outrageous.”

During the recorded conversation, Consul General Peng
described the Consulate's influence with Chinese Community leaders and its
frequent use of that influence to attack Falun Gong on U.S. soil. “I have done
it very frequently…I would say I have kept a very good relationship with them
[Chinese community leaders]… I pay them personal visits frequently… For
example, they came over after they fought with Falun Gong and I shook hands with
them one by one and thanked them.”

Since the Chinese Communist regime banned Falun Gong in China
and launched a campaign to “eradicate” the traditional Chinese practice in 1999,
Falun Gong adherents in the U.S. and other countries have reported dozens of
incidents of harassment, intimidation or assault at the hands of Chinese
nationals believed to be hired or encouraged by local Chinese consulate
officials to attack Falun Gong.

Similar mobs have appeared alongside human rights rallies in
the U.S. in recent months.

This most recent violence is part of a larger pattern of
violence perpetrated against Falun Gong activists by Chinese agents in the
United States.

In February 2006, Mr. Yuan Li, a computer engineer actively
involved in Falun Gong human rights advocacy, was assaulted at his suburban
Atlanta home. The assailants forced their way into his home, wrapped Li in a
blanket, beat him about the head and face, and left him bloody and nearly
unconscious in his living room. The assailants took a computer and some files,
but no valuables were stolen. (news)

In 2003 the U.S. Congress passed House Congressional
Resolution 304
, stating, “over the past 5 years China's diplomatic corps has
been actively involved in harassing and persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in
the United States.” In 2002, about 50 Falun Gong followers filed a lawsuit in
the D.C. district court against two ministries of the People's Republic of China
government, alleging a systematic campaign of criminal activities designed to
intimidate, harass, injure, limit, and terrorize U.S. citizens and residents who
practice Falun Gong. (news)

The Falun Dafa Information Center is calling upon federal and
local authorities to investigate the roles of the Chinese consulate in
instigating the recent violence in New York City and other areas, and to hold
all responsible Chinese officials fully accountable for these acts of harassment
and violence.

To listen to the recorded conversation with Consul General
Peng, click here.

An English translation of the transcript is available here.


NEWS – May 23, 2008

Falun Dafa Information Center, www.faluninfo.net


Founded in 1999, the Falun Dafa Information Center is a New York-based
organization that documents the rights violations of adherents of Falun Gong (or
“Falun Dafa”) taking place in the People's Republic of China. In July of 1999
China's autocratic Communist Party launched an unlawful campaign of arrests,
violence, and propaganda with the intent of “eradicating” the apolitical
practice; it is believed certain leaders feared the influence of the practice's 100 million adherents. The campaign has since grown
in violence and scope, with millions having been detained or sent to forced labor
camps. The Center has verified details of over 3,000 deaths and over 63,000
cases of torture in custody (reports / sources). Falun Gong is a traditional-style Buddhist “qigong”
practice, with roots in the Chinese heritage of cultivating the mind/body for
health and spiritual growth.

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Original article date: 23/May/2008
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