Spain: Supreme Court Accepts Falun Gong Appeal in Genocide Case against CCP Official Jia Qinglin (Photos)

On the 6th
of June 2006, after the hearing of witnesses, the criminal section of the Supreme
Court of Spain decided to accept the appeal submitted by Falun Gong practitioners
accusing Jia Qinglin, high official of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), of having
committed genocide against Falun Gong and ordered the State Court of Spain to
investigate and adjudicate the case.

Thereafter, the
CCP regime brought forward its protest against the Spanish Government requesting
the Government of Spain to intervene and the Supreme Court to withdraw the decision.
The Vice President made a definite response to it: “Spain is a democratic country
whose judiciary is independent and therefore the Government has no right to intervene
in the case.” All media in Spain reported the origin of the case for three days
running, which drew the attention of the Spanish people.

On June 11, Falun
Gong practitioners in Spain held a rally disclosing the CCP's atrocities
at Puerto del Sol in the center of Madrid and collected signatures supporting
the Supreme Court's decision of investigating the CCP official who has committed
genocide. The activity was warmly supported by large numbers of Spanish people
and thousands of signatures expressing support were collected.

Collecting signatures in the
centre of Madrid
The practitioners'
legal representative being interviewed by a Spanish newspaper

“I am proud of my country which can take charge of justice!”

Pictures disclosing the CCP atrocities
drew the attention of people
pictures, people got to know about the persecution of Falun Gong

Among the people who signed the petition supporting the Supreme
Court to adjudicate and investigate the case of the CCP's high-ranking official
who has committed the genocide were Spanish people of different ages and professions
and tourists from all over the world. A student of Madrid University told the
reporter: “Facing such an inhuman slaughter (referring to the atrocity of the
CCP having removed organs from live Falun Gong practitioners and then burned their
bodies to eliminate the evidence), everyone has a responsibility to stop it. It
is for the Spanish Government to adhere to their principles and bravely stand
up and have its say. We are a democratic country, justice is justice which no
one can interfere with and put pressure on. I am proud of my country which can
take charge of justice!”

“This is the glory of Spanish Law”

were enthusiastically signing the petition expressing support

aged gentleman, a university professor, came to front of the boards of pictures
clarifying the truth. He was shocked and said: “How can it be possible? How is
it possible that such a cruel deed has happened? Although the time of Franco was
also an autocracy, such a horrible incident as removing organs from live people
had never happened! The Spanish Court's acceptance of the case is a very
right choice, which is to the glory of Spanish Law and will also add a glorious
page to the history of Spain. Chinese people are the same as us and are entitled
to know the facts. Once they know the truth, they will feel very sorry for their
own fellow men who have been persecuted so cruelly and they will rise and resist

A young Chinese couple stopped in front of the pictures, and a Falun
Gong practitioner gave them leaflets. At first, they felt reluctant to believe
the persecution. After talking with the practitioner, they came to understand.
The young man said: “The Communist Party are bandits!”

Shocked tourists from South KoreaAfter
hearing the truth they signed the petition expressing support

After looking at pictures of the CCP policemen carrying out atrocities
against Falun Gong practitioners, several tourists from South Korea were so shocked
that they called to account loudly: “Why? Why?! Is this what the Chinese police
have done? They have taken taxes paid by civilians and on the contrary, they have
tyrannized them!” They all came and signed the petition expressing support for
the decision of the Spanish Supreme Court.

A mother, together with her young
daughter, also came to view the pictures. Pointing at the pictures, the mother
told her daughter: “Look, on the same earth, there are people, who are the same
as us, suffering from the persecution. Is it correct what they have done?” The
little girl shook her head gravely, with her mouth closed lightly: “No!” Pointing
at the policemen in the pictures, she said: “They are bad men!”

The mother
said: “We should all help the Falun Gong practitioners, let's sign the petition!
One more person signing the petition equals one more strong thought.” Then the
mother and the daughter signed the petition together.


Posting date: 21/June/2006
article date: 20/June/2006

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