Falun Dafa Shared At “World Environment Day” Event In Eumundi, Queensland (Photos)

For the fifth year in a row, Falun Dafa practitioners on the Sunshine Coast,
Queensland participated in the annual "World Environment Day" celebrations
in the small, but popular township of Eumundi. The support of practitioners from
other areas on the day was most welcomed with a few travelling even further in
the afternoon to a busy seaside market place to collect signatures for a petition.
The signed pages will then be submitted to our Australian Federal government highlighting
the recent revelations of illegal organ harvesting from innocent Falun Dafa practitioners
in China.


Practitioners set up a booth in the World Environment Day

Looking back
at our first year’s participation in this event, we predominantly shared information
with the public on the wonderful benefits of practising Falun Dafa, demonstrated
the five peaceful exercises and offered artistic performances such as dancing
and singing to highlight the beauty of traditional Chinese culture. Now, with
the exposure of the horrifying ‘organ transplant trade’ in China, the general
public, though many having some previous awareness of the persecution against
Falun Dafa practitioners, were still shocked by the severity of these recent human
rights violations.

Many families stopped to sign our petitions, collected
information and spent time in discussion with practitioners. Visitors also paused
to watch our exercise demonstrations throughout the day and many expressed interest
in information on our local exercise practice sites.

Practitioners wandered
around the various displays on the day clarifying the truth of the persecution
to other stall holders, politicians, councillors and the local media who were
also present at this popular event.

With June 4 being the 17th anniversary
of the horrors of the Tiananmen Square massacre, it seemed appropriate that practitioners
were together on this same day to share with our local community the true and
repressive nature of the Chinese Communist Party and its ongoing atrocities against
millions of its own citizens in China today.

Posting date: 20/June/2006
article date: 20/June/2006
Category: Event


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