Liverpool Champion: Protest against organ harvest

By Kylie Stevens

Expect to see more of Bob Wu and Cindy Ren around
Liverpool with their petitions in the coming weeks, on a mission to make a difference.

The Wattle Grove residents need your signature in their efforts to campaign
against when they claim are mass killings and live organ harvests of Falun Gong
practitioners in China by the communist government.

They pair say evidence
has come to light that Falun Gong practitioners were the victims of a mass slaughter
before the Olympic Games in Beijing and had their organs sold for profit.

International says there are more than 300,000 practitioners in 36 labour camps
where more than 3000 practitioners have been tortured to death since 1999. The
pair have official figures that there were 78 organ transplants in China between
1991 and 1999. This increased to 254 in 2000, to 486 in 2001 and there have been
3000 transplants since 2003.

The former wife of a neurosurgeon involved
with harvesting corneas has also come out and given details of what she witnessed.

Investigate Genocide of Falun Gong in China has been set up to conduct an independent
investigation at labour camps, prisons, hospitals and other relevant facilities
into these killings.

Mr. Wu and Mrs. Ren have drawn up a petition which
they will eventually send to the Prime Minister and local MPs, pleading for their

“There is evidence that patients in some hospitals only have
to wait one to two weeks for an organ so we can only assume that they have a very
large source of supply of organs,” Mr Wu said. “It is shocking that
so many operations are being done so we are calling on governments all around
the world to stop this killing.”

Mrs Ren said there many people involved.
“Doctors, nurses, innocent patients who may not know that their organ transplants
have come from. You usually have to wait some time for a transplant but these
operations are happening very quickly within weeks.

“Organ can only
be used for transplants within 48 hours after a person’s death. They are
doing as many as they can now before their actions become widely exposed.”

pair are confident that they can stop these killings with the help of residents.

think we can make a difference by telling everyone who we see so they can get
involved and have save these people,” Mr Wu said.

“But we can
only make a difference if everyone speaks out. We can no longer keep silent. Our
solemn promise of ‘never again’ made 60 years ago in response to the
Nazi concentration camps still echoes in the civilised world but this is an example
of it happening again.”

*P25 of Liverpool Champion

date: 29/May/2006
Original article date: 28/May/2006
Category: Exposing
Concentration Camps


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