Inner-West Weekly (Australia): Horrific trade in organs

GRAVE concerns are held for falun gong practitioners imprisoned in China and at
risk of being executed for their organs.

Thousands of falun gong devotees,
including one of Burwood resident Dr Lucy Zhao’s cousins, are held in camps which
include underground detention centres.

In March, The Washington Times reported
that a Chinese journalist had fled the country and told of ”organ harvesting”
from detention camps.

Dr Zhao said reports from The Times, The Toronto
Sun and The Epoch Times show emerging news that detainees are being killed, their
organs removed and their bodies burned.

”In Australia you wait several
years for a liver or kidney transplant,” Dr Zhao said.

”In China you
wait only a week or two if you have money.

”I have even heard of Chinese
hospitals ringing patients in other countries including Australia and offering
them transplants for money.”

The Chinese government banned falun gong
in 1999 when the number of China-based practitioners reached 100 million.

comparison, the ruling Chinese Communist Party has 60 million members.

date: 6/May/2006
Original article date: 4/May/2006
Category: Media Report


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