Why Is Noah’s Ark So Famous?

Why is the story of Noah’s Ark so famous? Even in today’s China – a Communist
country ruled by atheism with no Christian religious tradition, where everyone
pursues only self-interest, fights for fame and money, and where morals collapse
and religion declines, the story of Noah’s Ark remains well known. Why?

is always a reason behind anything that happens. Nothing exists without a reason.

Let us look at what is recorded in the Bible:

"Man was branded
with original sin; God cursed the earth; man had to go through troubled hard-work
to feed themselves. Therefore, hatred and wickedness increased daily. Man killed,
fought and looted relentlessly. Violence and sins in the world reached new heights.

GOD saw everything, it repented the God that he had made earthly man, and
it grieved him in his heart. God said, "I will destroy man whom I have created
from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the
fowls of the air"

But, He was reluctant to destroy everything he made.
He hoped that man and beast in the new generation would be more obedient, remorseful
and would rehabilitate, to create an ideal world.

Among people of great
sins, Noah had grace in the eyes of God. God considered him a righteous man who
followed his conscience. His three sons also didn’t go astray under their father’s
strict education. Noah also frequently advised people around him to stop doing
wicked deeds and abandon the wicked life, but people did not heed his advice.
They continue their wanton behavior, and insist upon wicked deeds and indulgence.

Based on the above record, it is easy for us to come up with the following
conclusions: (1) The flood was caused by the wickedness and degradation of mankind.
(2) Compassionate and good people will be excluded from disasters. (3) Heaven
has the good virtue of saving lives, wishing man to repent and rehabilitate. (4)
Compassionate people will definitely advise others, while bad people often don’t

As a result, we can learn that the story of Naoh’s Ark is so famous
because it is a lesson for mankind. The purpose of this story is to alert mankind
to prevent moral collapse. Otherwise, punishment from heaven will ensue

should not ignore warnings from compassionate people. Otherwise, disasters might
occur right in front of one’s eyes! But humankind is still continuing to decline.
The time has now come for the warnings to be heeded.

Take a look at today’s
society. How are hatred, wickedness, killing, fighting, looting, worldwide violence
and sins comparing to previous eras in history? Perhaps things nowadays are even
worse. Today, even a whole nation openly and widely commits crimes, and disseminates
lies that spread globally. That could not have happened in the past. In today’s
society it is common to give up morals and justice for personal benefits. In such
a benefit-driven and indulgence-pursuing world, evil deeds will not stop at killing,
fighting, looting and violence. Where can a "pure land" still be found?

Based on the story of Noah’s Ark, we come to learn that today’s mankind
has stepped into a very dangerous situation. The story of Noah’s Ark, passed down
from thousands of years ago, has godly advice for mankind. What a pity that today’s
mankind has not been able to truly believe in God. God warned, "all disbelieving
it, continuing the wanton behavior and insisting upon wicked deeds and indulgence."
People even deny that it is dangerous to degenerate. They disbelieve in morals,
disbelieve in rules from heaven, disbelieve in retribution and disbelieve in the
existence of God, making mankind’s morals decline out of control. A man of wisdom
has said that humankind is going toward moral degeneration and ignorance. This
is why there are more and more natural and manmade disasters.

There is
only one choice for humankind to escape from the danger. That is, the human mind
must return to righteousness and morals must rise. But, how are we going to make
this happen? Can religion do it? We saw that it is not possible. Can politics
do it? The answer is no. Can science do it? What we saw is the opposite. The fact
that humankind’s morals are declining so rapidly shows that nothing in today’s
society that plays a leading role can restore humankind’s morals. Is it hopeless?
No, it is not.

There is one thing in today’s society that can restore humankind’s
morals – Falun Dafa. Why has the disaster not yet arrived when humankind’s morals
have declined so severely? It is because gods are providing humankind opportunities,
allowing people to give up evil deeds and do good deeds, change their evil side
and assimilate to the righteous side. This is the only hope for today’s humankind.
Exactly how many people can be saved? All gods are looking forward to it.

significance implied in the story of Noah’s Ark is being carried out and will
come true little by little.

Times have changed, people have changed, but
truth won’t change, and rules won’t change.

Posting date: 7/May/2006
article date: 6/May/2006
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