Fairfax Community Newspapers: Organs harvested, Falun Gong claims

A local protest against China’s treatment of Falun Gong practitioners have
been raising a petition to send a message to our politicians.

of the religious minority has been extensively documented in recent years and
the latest allegations from the worldwide protest campaigns is that a concentration
camp in Sujiatun is "harvesting" hearts, kidneys, retinas and other
body parts from Falun Gong practitioners.

The Chinese government has denied
the allegations of persecution and murder. But these denials do nothing to convince
angry protesters who have set up websites documenting cases of murder and abuse.

Wang, a Campbelltown Falun Gong practitioner, wants Australia to pressure China
to release all practitioners illegally detained, tortured and persecuted.

these camps, the authorities have been harvesting the organs of practitioners
while they are still alive," she said.

"The Chinese government
does not like free-thinking people and likes to control everyone. They want everyone
to follow the Communist Party which is whey they are persecuting the Falun Gong

"We have more than 300 signatures on our petition from
people from the area. I have written letters to the MP for Werriwa, Chris Hayes,
and Macarthur federal MP Pat Farmer and informed them of torture and persecution,
but I have yet to receive a formal reply."

Fellow Campbelltown Falun
Gong practitioner Newton Xu said more than 2400 people had been killed as a result
of "abducting Falun Gong practitioners for their organs".

is genocide on a huge scale and there is a duty upon everyone to speak out when
there is an injustice of this magnitude," Mr Xu said.

Falun Gong is
a spiritual discipline that combines gentle exercise, meditation and a moral philosophy
focused on honesty, compassion and tolerance.


Posting date: 24/May/2006
article date: 18/May/2006
Category: Exposing Concentration Camps


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