European Parliament Vice President Visits China and Learns More About the Persecution (Photo)

Edward McMillan-Scott, a Vice-President of the European Parliament embarked on
a three-day “journey of exploring the truth” in mainland China that started on
May 21. Mr. McMillan-Scott met with some Falun Gong practitioners in Beijing to
understand more truth of the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. He also met
with many diplomats, experts, scholars, NGOs and individuals.

Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott

In 1996, Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott
was assigned by the European Parliament as a special investigator to investigate
diplomatic affairs and report on the strategic relationship of the European Parliament
and the CCP. Mr. McMillan-Scott was surprised that the Chinese communist regime
is still the same as 10 years ago. Mr. McMillan-Scott said, “Ten years later,
I am very sad to submit this report. The Chinese communist regime is still a system
of atrocity, despotism, and bigotry. There is no freedom of speech, freedom of
press is limited and freedom of religion is seriously deprived. However, in the
process of revolution of politics and society, frankly speaking, this is negligible.”

After meeting with European Parliament representatives, including some diplomats,
experts, NGOs and some individuals, Mr. McMillan-Scott said the only conclusion
he could draw is that: The CCP is a system of “atrocity, despotism and bigotry”.

Mr. McMillan-Scott was very interested in meeting Falun Gong practitioners
because he believes Falun Gong is too important to China to be neglected. Mr.
McMillan-Scott said, “When they told me about their experiences, I felt very sad,
not only for them, but also for each and every religious group persecuted by the
Chinese communist regime.” He believes that the prevailing movement of renouncing
the CCP is very important to China's future development.

After his three-day
investigation in mainland China, Mr. McMillan-Scott arrived in Hong Kong at noon
on May 24 and stated in a news conference that the Chinese communist regime has
not changed in the past decade. He described it as “a system of atrocity, despotism,
and bigotry.” In addition to supporting withdrawals from the Chinese Communist
Party (CCP) in mainland China, he affirmed that the communist regime must disintegrate.
The Vice-President hopes 100 percent of the CCP's members will withdraw from
the Party because he believes a couple of million people is not enough.

date: 27/May/2006

Original article date: 27/May/2006
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