Month: January 2006

Chinese torture case against Guangdong official begins in NSW court

Australia has a well-defined national legislative framework of enforcing Australia’s obligations to the UN Convention Against Torture through the Crimes (Torture) Act 1988. Such legal actions are a peaceful means to bring an end to the persecution in China and bring justice to the victims and their families.

BBC: Google’s Chinese results toe the line

Comparing Google’s English and Chinese language search engines highlights how far the company has gone to win the approval of China’s authorities. Entering sensitive terms into the Chinese search engine throws up unusual results, with official Communist Party viewpoints taking precedence.

BBC: Google move ‘black day’ for China

The result of censorship, it argued, was that the internet in China was “becoming more and more isolated from the outside world” and freedom of expression was shrinking.

Falun Gong lawsuits continue to proceed in Australian Courts

Four legal cases filed by Australian Falun Gong practitioners are proceeding in Australian courts. Each case has been lodged as a last resort to stop the harassment of Falun Gong practitioners in China and Australia directed by the Chinese Communist regime.