Month: April 2004

AAP News Fed: National protests against human rights abuse

The rallies, to be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, are lobbying for support of the China Resolution, put forward by the United States, which calls for an immediate end to the repression of spiritual and other groups, including Christians, Muslims, Tibetans, Uighurs, Falun Gong and pro-democracy groups.

Products Worldwide Made by Falun Gong Slave Labor

The Changji Labor Camp has to meet Tianshan Wooltex’s quota of Kashmir sweaters, or the guards won’t get their bonus. The Chinese “reform through labor” camps have become privatized. They are small enterprises that sign contracts with big companies and export products to overseas shopping malls.

It is a place where torturers get rich, and where Falun Gong practitioners slave to pay for the purchase of the electric batons that will shock them if they slow down. These are places where persecution drives profit.