Month: March 2004

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Falun Gong — Practice emphasizes improvement of mind, body

Adherents of Falun Gong define it as a traditional self-cultivation practice to improve mind and body. The Chinese government is among the worst offenders as it seeks to keep tight control over its citizens. In recent years, a rapidly growing movement called Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa) has been a target of repression by the Chinese government, which banned it in July 1999.

A Country Woman’s Open Letter to the International Community of Judges and Lawyers

I am writing to tell you about the enormous hardships my family and I have suffered and to ask you to please help us in our efforts to gain redress of these injustices. I have been deprived of the most basic human rights, including the freedom of speech, the freedom of belief, and the right to legal recourse. We have suffered from brutal persecution, both physically and mentally. I want to file a lawsuit against the chief criminal responsible for this injustice.

An Open Letter from Women in China Who Practise Falun Gong

We are female Falun Dafa practitioners from the People’s Republic of China. With great indignation, we relate the inhumane torture we have been suffering over the past four and one-half years. We are seeking your help.

Throughout China’s labor camps and police stations, we have been subjected to torture and humiliation. Some female practitioners have been forced to stand still for days and nights while being denied food, the use of a restroom and sleep. Many have been beaten and shocked with high-voltage electric batons. Others have been sent to mental hospitals and injected with unknown substances. Many have been exposed to extremely hot or cold weather.