Month: September 2003

2003 Bowral Tulip Festival (photos)

It was a chilly day in the Southern Highlands of NSW, with sleet falling gently to the sound of the Scottish bagpipers who lead the parade for the annual Bowral Tulip Festival. Brightly dressed Falun Dafa practitioners took part in the festival parade, joining the bagpipers, brass bands and vintage cars in the tour through the main streets of Bowral.

Chemistry in Ancient China: Alchemy

It is very difficult for modern people to fathom the scientific achievements in ancient China from a modern scientific point of view. Alchemy is not a dream. Ancient Chinese scientists already possessed knowledge of alchemy.

Foundations of Chemistry in Ancient China

It is widely known that the ancient Chinese were highly accomplished in the arena of science. In fact, there were outstanding scientists in almost every Chinese dynasty.

In A Few Words: Realm

If everyone is concerned only about themselves and concentrates a lot on their own work goals, eventually practitioners will stop supporting Dafa work as a whole body.